Bushido – Serving Japanese Tapas at Marina Bay

There is a new kid on the block. Bushido recently opened its doors among the clusters of restaurants and bars at Marina Bay, serving an array of Japanese tapas, sake and whisky. The restaurant serves different menu for lunch and dinner with mainly bento sets during the busy lunch time crowd and a more diverse menu for dinner


Sporting a vibrant of colours and Japanese flairs of design


There is also a small private room which caters up to 10 pax


Soft Shelled Crab Salad $16.40

Soft shelled crab with goma dressing


Bushido Maguro Tataki $14.30

Sesame toasted tuna with cream sauce

This was pretty well-liked by all. The texture of the tuna tasted slightly different, complemented by a fragrant sesame flavour


Katsu with Miso Carbo $14.30

Fried bread crumbed pork with miso sauce

I thought the katsu was pretty normal or perhaps I’m just not a katsu kind of person


Soft Shelled Crab Bomb $16

Sushi tamago, soft shelled crab, garlic sauce and tobiko

Probably my favourite out of the maki we ordered. A combination of soft shelled crab with rice and a slice of sweet tamago beneath


Salmon Avocado Lover $16.30


Sake Aburi Maki $16.80

Torched Salmon & Truffle

Well anything that is aburi and truffle sells. This was pretty decent


Yasai Itame with Truffle Oil $8.80

Stir fried mixed assorted vegetables drizzled with truffle

No idea why they ordered vegetables but apparently they liked this pretty much


Gyuniku Shyogayaki $15.80

Stir fried beef with ginger, sesame and sake

Salty. Very salty. Even if you add a bowl of white rice to go along with it, I think the flavour was a little overwhelming but the beef was tender, just a little too flavorful


Yakitori $4.90

Boneless chicken thigh

So good! The skin was crisp, lightly salted and a little burnt with the meat tender


Shitake Truffle $6.30

Mushroom topped with truffle oil


Meltique Beef $9.50

I really like the beef. It was seasoned nicely and executed perfectly


Tsukune $5.50

I thought the tsukune tasted a little strange. It’s alright but I probably won’t go for it again


Tako Karaage $9.30

Karaage battered fried octopus

Another well favored dish. Looks like fried chicken but these octopus surprises


Bushido Fries $9.80

Fried topped with mixed sashimi and signature sauce

I know it’s just fries, but I felt like alcohol and fries just have to be together. And I like the signature sauce that goes with it which tasted slightly sweet among the sashimi bits

I think Bushido makes a good place to hangout after work. The dishes are pretty decent and goes well with a good bottle of sake. If you had preferred something different from pasta and pizza, perhaps this place would be worth considering

Bushido Japanese Tapas Bar

8A Marina Boulevard


Singapore 018984

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