Wildseed Cafe by The Summerhouse – Next Cafe to Hangout At

Just recently opened at the Seletar Aerospace Park, Wildseed Cafe joins a rank of other new openings including Wheeler’s Estate, Youngs Bar & Restaurant, Di Wei Teochew Restaurant & The Summerhouse. The location isn’t the most accessible I know and without a car it’s probably a little troublesome to get there. But then again, Singaporeans travel anywhere for food, what’s more when the place is pretty enough for instagram shots anywhere


The Wildseed Cafe & Bar is located at the ground level, while the restaurant on the upper level


Sharing a space with Poppy Floral studio, the interior was filled with lots of greenery and tiny pots of flowers on each table to provide a homely touch


Fresh Bakes


Coconut & Pineapple $6.50

The cafe had a selection of sweet treats to choose from. I actually like the coconut & pineapple cake with an overflowing fragrance of coconut mixed with citrusy punch of pineapples on top a soft cake. The flavours can be a little strange on first bite but I thought it was a pretty decent cake afterall


Flat White $5

Coffee from Nomad The Gallant Coffee known as the Exodus blend, the beans originate from Brazil Fazenda Lagoa & India Bibi Plantation. Meant to be bold, malty with hints of spice & cedar, I think it was too exotic for me. I hope they change their blend from time to time


Pork & Krauts $15


One of their popular items, the pulled pork was tender and flavorful. I enjoyed the cucumber salad and nuts which gave a different texture to the sandwich. There was an option to choose between rye and sourdough though I didn’t get the question on this. The sourdough seems tough to cut but the crispy texture complements the meat perfectly without being too chewy

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Pink Lotion $5

The cafe also serves smoothies and juices for those looking for a non-caffeine option. The pink lotion which contains grapefruit, red apple, carrot, ginger & lemon tasted a little bitter. But I guess I could get used to it afterwhile



The al fresco dining area adjacent to the cafe

The place was only one week old when I visited. The owners probably didn’t expect the popularity of the place to come so soon, so much that most of the food was sold out by 2pm on a weekday. There is a ala carte brunch buffet promotion going on right now at $38+ which features some interesting items like kaya with poached egg within sourdough. They do a pretty diverse establishment. It’s a rather decent place to check it out

Wildseed Cafe by The Summerhosue

3 Park Lane, S(798387)

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