OIA Cafe Taipei – Dining with Alpacas Roaming Around

Going to OIA cafe feels like venturing into a new part of Taipei, just because the place is located far away from the city. The bus journey will take you at least 40 minutes from Danshui station, depending on how fast your driver is. Locating the cafe isn’t difficult, you just have to open your eyes wider to find since it is not very visible and the signs are mostly in chinese


We were there around 1230pm and were greeted with an empty restaurant with 2 white fluffy baby Alpacas that were roaming around, waiting for carrots


The staff would give you instructions on what you can/what you should not do, then proceed to place your order before you are allowed to take photos with those adorable animals


We secretly suspect this is a female cos she doesn’t respond to us and only entertain male customers =/


The other fat, emo baby Alpaca


And the mums that were outside the cafe


Baileys 咖啡 NT220

Can’t really taste the Baileys in it. It’s just a sweeter version of latte


玫瑰咖啡 NT220

The rose latte was pretty decent. Decent aroma of coffee with hints of rose in it


Cream of Potato Soup



We added NT250 for a set meal which includes soup, salad of the day and a drink of your choice


奶油培根意大利面 NT280

The spaghetti tasted normal, like…. normal


番茄海鲜意大利面 NT280

The friend didn’t like her spaghetti. She said she can cook better. Ha


法式苹果猪排 NT360

I didn’t order this, either they gave me the wrong order or they didn’t hear me correctly. But anyway the pork chop didn’t taste as bad. It was tender and fragrant, but it got rather jelat after awhile so I gave up on it

Finishing our food, we went around trying to take photos with the Alpacas



This baby one is super cute with a fat fluffy butt. But it was emoing and hiding under our table so what can you do when it refuses to get up? You join ’em of course


Spot this sign and you know you are at the right place!

I think the whole point of the cafe is the animals so visit with minimal expectations on the food. The friends mention this place will probably do a lot better if it is located at a better location but then again, if it gets too popular, it will probably lose its charm. Well, you don’t get the chance often to dine with Alpacas roaming around you so I think you can still visit this place if you have time in Taipei

OIA 伊亞藝術咖啡館

252, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Sanzhi District

No.12-1 Beizhizi, Houcuo Road, Xinbei

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