Dazzling Cafe Pink – Second Outlet at Orchard Gateway

Paid a visit to Dazzling Cafe’s second outlet at Orchard Gateway, well known for their honey toasts started from Taiwan. The second outlet was themed Pink, with mainly pink and black interior and a more whimsical and fun atmosphere. They also have a separate retail space at the entrance, just in case anything catches your eye. The second outlet also introduces some new items to their menu, including lobster cold capellini, lobster risotto, duck confit burger alongside all their signature toasts



Lobster Risotto $26.90


The price tag isn’t exactly cheap but I like the succulent texture of the well-cooked lobsters. The flavour of white wine and cream might get jelat after awhile so I will probably recommend to share this. The paprika added a little spice to the dish though I would prefer it to be more distributed


Duck Confit Burger $24.90

A recommended item on the menu, the soft brioche buns were nicely buttered and coated with black truffle. Love the combination of the duck confit and camembert cheese for that fragrance and texture. The straight cut fries were a little overcooked


Matcha Waffle with Azuki Beans with Mochi Filling $14.90 (+$2)

And because you can never say no to desserts, the matcha waffle was another recommended item. I really like the addition of the mochi filling for that soft and chewy texture you find within the waffles. I thought the matcha icecream was a little too milky for my liking but overall, the waffles were decent

I think the savoury items at their second outlet fared a little better and I wouldn’t mind dropping by for desserts. Generally, it makes a good place to just have tea and catchup with your friends with a central location in town, and if you are craving for honey toasts. Hear that they have mini toasts as well now so it makes a good option for those small stomach space (like me). heh

Dazzling Cafe Pink

 #01-12/13/14 277 Orchard Road

Orchard Gateway

Singapore 238858

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