Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf – Satisfy Your Oyster Fix

Was around the area running errands and the friend and I decided to settle dinner at Roberson Quay. Chose Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf amidst all the Japanese restaurants for a change since the both of us haven’t been there before. The place was busy but glad it wasn’t packed just so it was nice enough to enjoy the evening away. The selection of oyster dishes had us spoilt for choices but we decided that we shall just have the oysters the way they are, straight from the ocean!


Premium Oysters 1/2 dozen $42

We had the jumbo Coromandel oysters from New Zealand,  Fine de Claire oysters from France and Irish Oysters as the selection of the day



I have to say these oysters were really delicious. My favourite were the Coromandel oysters even though they were so huge it was challenging to fit them in our mouth. But the plump and juicy meat had left me very satisfied. You can have your oysters with lemon and tabasco, or choose to pair it with their truffle honey or whiskey-based sauce. My take is to go with lemon and tabasco, though we kept the truffle honey for our toasts


Shrimp & Garlic $15.50

The place is also known for their tapas, and we got the shrimp & garlic to try. They come with a side of toasts which you can dip into the sauce. The broth was very flavourful with the seafood and earthiness of the vegetables


Iberico Ham & Mushroom $15.50

I regretted ordering this. Should have just ordered the iberico ham by itself. I felt like the saltiness of the ham was so overwhelming I don’t really know what I’m tasting here


Spicy Tuna Roll $16.50

The roll was decent with a nice balanced of spicy tuna and sweet mango


Love the black sesame creme brûlée with vanilla icecream that acted as the birthday dessert. The black sesame was fragrant yet you can taste the layer of burnt sugar at the end

I thought this place served some pretty delicious food, and I will definitely come back for the oysters. Of course no oysters without wine is complete. We also had a bottle of Karri Oak Sauvignon Blanc to go along. The selection of wine here isn’t extensive but I think the pairing with the oysters went pretty well. I thought it’s quite a nice place to htht given you have your own dining booth and can have some private conversation if you would like to

Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf

60 Robertson Quay, #01-01

The Quayside, S(238252)

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