1872 Clipper Tea Hand-Tiered Bouquet Workshop

Went for my first hand-tiered bouquet workshop last weekend organised by 1872 Clipper Tea and MyFloralLoft at Yellow Cup Cafe in Clarke Quay. I didn’t expect myself to be attending a workshop like this and even my mum was surprised when she learnt I was going to a floral arrangement workshop. I think she secretly thought I was experiencing mid life crisis. HA. Anyways, I’m glad the workshop is restricted to a small group so it doesn’t feel so packed and rushed

While waiting for everyone to be here, we savoured some tea time snacks prepared by 1872 Clipper Tea

Freshly Baked Croissants

Eclairs from Dulcet & Studio

Set of 3 Orchid Blend $38

Orchid Bloom, Halia Blossom & Dragon Eye Bouquet

They recently launched their Singapore Orchid Collection and it comes in a set of 3. Orchid Bloom – a twist of cranberry and orchid is my favourite with the base of black tea, Halia Blossom – their take on Teh Halia is a ginger-infused black tea and Dragon Eye Bouquet – with longan and rambutan with base of green tea needs just a few more sips before the flavour comes through and the you can taste the lingering sweetness in your mouth

Timeless Earl Grey (cold)

They also did a cold brew version of their tea using their Timeless Earl Grey

Lemon Yuzu Eclair (left) Venezuelan Eclair (right) $5.80 each

I liked the lemon yuzu eclair, a nice balance of sweetness and sourness without being too overpowering. The dark chocolate choux with Venezuelan chocolate cream will be a delight for chocolate lovers though I think the cream can be a bit more gao

Earl Grey Tea Puff $3.20 each / 4 tea-infused puffs for $12

1872 Clipper Tea has also recently launched their tea puffs on 1st August after much anticipation. Comes in 5 flavours –  Earl Grey, Eternal Garden (Rose), Milk Tea, Matcha and Vanilla, they are available for sale at Ion flagship store

I like the texture of the puff, sweet and crispy and the puff pastry wasn’t thick. The cream inside though can be a little overwhelming since when you bite into these larger than normal puffs, the cream tends to run out from the bottom. On top of that, if you don’t eat gracefully, this is just one messy snack to deal with. On a side note, the flavour of the earl grey was really fragrant and I enjoyed digging into it

Matcha Tea Puff

Other than the colour being different, the inside is a rich Matcha cream with a deep green tea flavour

Moving on to the workshop, we have Rachel from MyFloralLoft conducting the session together with blooms of Hydrangeas, Kenyan Roses, Cotton flower, Dried Lavender, Dried wheat, Eucalyptus leaves, Orchids, Vibumum (aka Blackberries) and Eustomas

Rachel from MyFloralLoft

Teaching us the basics on selection, trimming and arranging

Picking your flowers! My pastel theme 🙂

After lots of trimming and arranging and snipping and agaration


Coming in shape! (not bad right)


The final step! Moving on to how to wrap the flowers using craft papers


Ta-da! My first hand-tiered bouquet! 😀

I think I’m talented. hee


Each participant also get to bring home a goodie bag containing a box of 1872 Clipper tea and postcards. You can hop off to 1872 Clipper Tea’s webpage/facebook page to see what upcoming workshops they have. I thought this was a pretty interesting session. Well at least I discovered a secret talent of mine 😉

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