Tempura Kohaku – Tempura Bowl Worth The Wait

One of the newest into the Tempura scene is an one month old Tempura Kohaku at Suntec City. The tiny place occupies the same space along Eat at Seven, alongside other Japanese eateries. The only difference is, the queue is never-ending. We went at 1.30pm, assuming it should be less crowded since it’s post lunch but only to be surprised with still a queue. Well, not that we complained since we caught a number of pokemons while waiting. Yeah, they have lures there 😉

Since the menu is pretty standard with choice of chicken, vegetables or seafood, you pick of the options and choose if you want to go with the set meal complete with udon, which in my opinion is too much food

Kohaku Tendon $15

We picked the prawn & seafood; choice of spicy or original sauce

Honestly the bowl is so full we don’t know where to start. Now I understand what’s the point of the small plate inserted into the bowl

The execution of the tempura was good with the batter slightly thicker yet crisp and satisfying. The prawns were huge and sweet and gave a crunch when you chew into it

But what impressed me was the huge piece of chicken which was so tender despite its size. We could see the glistening in the meat and it was piping hot and juicy. Other seafood fared pretty well. My favourite was the squid with texture similar to fish cake. It was rather different

Side of ginger with yuzu sauce, for those who need to cleanse your palate

I feel like these are life savers. Cos after so much oily and fried stuffs, you just wanted something refreshing down your throat

The spicy sauce might not fit well with everyone. It’s not exactly spicy with a strange bitterness. My choice would be the original sweet sauce. Stay safe, cannot go wrong

By the time we left, it was 3 plus pm, and there was still a queue :/

Pretty amazing I would say, people really queue for food, no matter what strange timing it is. That aside, I thought this bowl of tempura is definitely worth the wait in terms of portion, freshness and execution. And I like it when there are more dishes than carbs on my plate though I think it gets pretty overwhelming towards the end of the meal. Still, I thought it was pretty value for money

Tempura Kohaku

Eat At Seven

3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-310/311, Suntec City Mall Tower 1, Singapore 038983

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