The Populus Coffee & Food – Serving Grains and Coffee

Located near The Lokal, The Populus Coffee & Food is opened by the people behind Department of Caffeine and Two Degrees Coffee Co. Looking at the menu, it covers both healthy and sinful options and since the friend wanted something healthy for lunch, I thought this place is worth checking out

So crowded!

Flat White $5.50

The coffee is aromatic and nutty, well balanced and silky

Roasted Cod & Soba Noodle Salad $24

Marinated roasted cod sitting on top a bed of soba noodles, mushrooms and broad beans. Overall, the dish was salty. I wished there was more contrast in flavours

Roast Chicken Grain Bowl $19.50

The chicken was beautifully roasted, moist and tender. I love the furikake baby corn and roasted butternut squash, but feel less for the rest of the sides. The combination of wild and brown grains was fragrant but a little too hard. If this dish were to put itself in competition with its friendly competitors in the CBD, I think I would pick the latter

Our healthy lunch!

I appreciate the vast options available, especially for the health conscious people. Though there are certainly hits and misses here, I think there are definitely options that kept people coming back here (looking at the crowd)

The Populus Coffee & Food Co

146 Neil Rd, S(088875)

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