Tempura Tsukiji Tenka – Tendon & Donburi at Japan Food Town

Supposedly famed for graduating from Tokyo Sushi Academy and honed for their skills in making the best Tempura and Donburi, this academy opened its first at Japan Food Town. I went during their pre-opening period so the crowd was just minimal

They recommended the tendon over the chirashi don cos it is what they are famous for

Fresh and hot pieces of tempura

Sea Eel Tendon $26.80

My first thought? Where’s the eel? And apparently I’m not the only person who thought like that. The Japanese customer sitting next to me asked the chef if he was given the wrong order, but to be told this is the sea eel tendon. I mean you can tell from the photo, the tempura has already soaked in the sauce which makes the appearance less than appetising


The prawn was thin, but it had firm and crunchy texture. It was a pity the tempura were soggy already given I could taste (of whatever crispy parts I had) the batter was pretty good. I’m not sure if they had poured too much sauce to start with, or it is meant to be eaten like this. And even if they had poured little sauce, leaving the bowl at the counter and not serving to customers straight is a no-no. I was literally counting down the seconds before the bowl finally got picked up to be delivered to another customer

The almond pudding dessert was good though, probably the only side that provided any comfort to the meal

The tendon probably isn’t the most fantastic here, but given I went during their pre-opening period, hopefully things will have picked up and improved by now. Still, there are many more other restaurants at Japan Food Town which I would love to give it a try, before I conclude if there is anything that is worth going for there

Tempura Tsukiji Tenka @ Japan Food Town

Wisma Atria Level 4, 435 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238877

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