Dutch Baby Cafe – Cute Little Cafe Serving Dutch Baby Pancakes

Dutch Baby Cafe is a brand by Japan Foods Holdings, the same brand that brought Fruit Paradise to Singapore. So expect cute and lovely interior and also tarts by Fruit Paradise when you visit. Met a friend for brunch cos we wanted to try their Dutch baby pancakes, which look really dainty and pretty

Pink Rose Buds & Sangria $6.80 per pot

You can also top up to the mains and make it a set

Honestly, the tea was very light, to the point they were tasteless. I would recommend to skip it


Given this concept is the brainchild from Japan, they also introduced this pretty interesting teapot where you just have to place the teapot on top of the cup and the tea will just drain from below. The friend says so that pouring tea won’t be so messy

Keema Curry Baked Cheese Rice $13.80

Got a baked curry rice to share instead of their popular udon. The curry rice was very fragrant. The rice was sticky with touch of tomato flavours and the chicken infused with light curry sauce, topped with melted cheese. It doesn’t look all appealing but it was strangely addictive

Mixed Berry Pancakes $13.80

Thin layers of crepe soft and crispy accompanied by an assortment of berries and vanilla icecream. The pancake has a slightly eggy taste to it which added fragrance and sweetness to the overall taste

I think this place would be a hit with kids. Cute interior, sweet curry rice, pretty pancakes. And if you are not a fan of sweets, they serve savoury pancakes as well. Given how I didn’t like Fruit Paradise, I’m glad this place fares a little better. It’s a place I won’t mind dropping by for desserts if I’m in the area

Dutch Baby Cafe

Paragon Shopping Centre

#B1-13, 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238859

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