Sushi Mitsuya – A Return Visit, A Different Experience

I couldn’t remember the last time I visited Mitsuya, so I made a return cos I wanted to eat something nice to lift my spirits. The place wasn’t crowded for lunch for a weekday, only serving me and other 2 group of customers. And I had the privilege of being attended by head chef Harada. I went for the mizukagami set at $100 which consists of appetiser, assorted sashimi, assorted cooked dish, 6-piece sushi medley, makimono, soup and dessert and was excited to see what is being served that day

Hidakami Junmaiginjo Karakuchi, 300ml $60

Appetiser: Japanese spinach with burdock roots and bonito stock

Fresh vegetables served in a light, sweet and flavourful bonito stock

Tuna meat

Distinct tuna taste, which might not go well with everyone

Squid, Pike fish, Bluefin Tuna

I really like the flavour of the pike fish sashimi with a touch of smokiness on the skin. The bluefin tuna was sweet and had a smooth texture

Takenoko manjo (bamboo shoots) mixed with minced fish and bonito stock

This was an interesting dish, with the texture a little strange in my opinion

Baby snapper

Scallops with black salt and yuzu

I like the subtle taste of yuzu with the black salt to bring out the sweetness of the scallops

Spanish Mackerel

Chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

Melt-in-the-mouth fatty tuna

Uni (Sea urchin)

Anago (sea eel)

Negi toro (Chopped tuna with leek)

My birthday sushi 🙂

Very sweet of them to give me a birthday sushi made of tuna, scallops and cucumber

Miso soup

Soybean icecream with red bean mocha & sakura leaf

The meal at Mitsuya was okay but the rice needs more effort. It lacked warmth and was hard though the amount of vinegar was reasonable. The fish in general was good and fresh. But given there is only one head chef there, some diners might specifically requested to be served by him, which is at most 5-6 seats. Perhaps one day I will return to try their chirashi don but I think Sushi Mitsuya serves one of the most competitive prices on sushi in town

Sushi Mitsuya

60 Tras Street #01-01, S(078999)

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