New Ubin Seafood – Zi Char with A Modern Twist

It’s of those many reunion meetups for Chinese New Year and this time round we settled at New Ubin Seafood. This place is actually pretty well known though the location is definitely a rather inconvenient one


We went for the first seating which we have to vacate by 830pm. The place isn’t exactly big but considering how fully packed it is, reservation is highly recommended. And also, many of the items have to order in advance, so it is best if you can just take a look at the menu first before heading down


Fishmaw and Crabmeat Soup $48 (M)

We wanted to order the herbal chicken soup but advance order is required, so we went with the staple fish maw and crabmeat soup, which is a normal decent bowl of soft fishmaw and sweet crabmeat soup


Oyster Mornay $3.50/pc

Advance order is required. There are 3 types of cooking available but we chose Mornay cos we thought oysters and cheese make a good combination. The saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the oysters was so yums we regretted not ordering more. Ha


Salted Egg Squid $14 (S)

The friend cannot stop reminding us to order salted egg squid. The squid was well cooked but I thought the salted egg was a little too gao


Braised Beancurd with Golden Mushroom $14 (S)

A very sweet and addictive broth with well cooked mushrooms


Har Cheong Gai $14 (S)

Very crispy fried chicken with a delectable shrimp paste on the inside


US Black Angus Ribeye Steak, served with caramelised onions, wedges and fried rice caramelised with beef drippings $13/100g

And this is the famous beef


The wedges actually go well with the chili crab sauce 🙂


And the heart stopping fried rice

The beef was well cooked to medium rare doness, but I personally don’t find it anything special about it. Perhaps what people like more is actually the fried rice which has a very fragrant and nice flavour to it, that tastes like claypot rice to me. But the thing is you cannot just order the fried rice without the beef. It’s like a whole package


Fried Hokkien Mee Special $12 (S)

And the friend’s all-time favourite hokkien mee, which was on constant reminder for a week. The hokkien mee here has a very deep wok hei taste and ending with a sweet aftertaste. So for those who prefer your hokkien mee infused with strong wok hei flavours, you can consider giving it a try


And you thought this is all


Regular Sri Lanka Crab in Chilli Sauce

Promotion at $38/crab, buy 2 get 1 free

And we have 3 more orders of crabs. The chilli crab was okay, but we all agree that we tasted better chilli crabs elsewhere


Regular Sri Lanka Crab in White Pepper

So salty we wanted to die..


Regular Sri Lanka in Garlic Baked

The garlic baked has a very light and fragrant garlic flavour and the sweetness of the crabs was pretty satisfying. Though I probably won’t recommend ordering the crab dishes here :X

I thought this place serves pretty decent zi char until I tried Long Ji. But I give points for their innovative dishes and for people who want a different kind of zi char, it is another option to consider if you don’t mind the location

New Ubin Seafood

Block 27 Sin Ming Road,

Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A #01-174, S(575680)

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