Angeleno – Tried and Tested

When I read that Chef David Almany from Mozza opens his own place, it has made it to my list of restaurants to try. So when the friend suggested a catch-up at this place, I was really excited about it. Located at Gemmil Lane, the place isn’t big and it was full house that evening we visited with two different seatings available


I was really famished considering my last meal was early in the morning and then gym in the afternoon so I was telling the friend I hope they serve complimentary bread. ha


Complimentary; Sweet Ricotta Cheese with Olive Oil and Toast

Imagine my happiness when there is food on the table. The sweet ricotta cheese was simple and good, drizzled with olive oil. Spread it on the toast and you finish these bite-size starters in no time


Burrata Caprese $31

Roasted & Raw Cherry Tomatoes, Basil Pesto, Garlic Toast

I love it when I chanced upon good Burrata. The creamy, soft and light texture with a solid outer layer was a delight to feast upon. And the oily and fragrant garlic toast with the oil on your fingers, it was satisfying and delicious


Tagliatelle $32

Oxtail Ragout, Pecorino

 I enjoy how balanced the flavours are with a smooth pasta and a flavourful, tender oxtail


Pan-Roasted Scallops w Artichokes, Lemon, Capers $52

These pan-roasted scallops are amazing. Well cooked with a firm texture and soft on the inside, yet you can still taste the sweetness of the scallops


So good


Charred Broccolini $14

Chilli, Garlic, Toasted Breadcrumb

These broccolini has very interesting flavours, somewhat similar to hae bee hiang which is a little spicy yet you can taste the charred and lemony taste towards the end


Grilled Market Fish (Market Price)

Fish of the day was sea bass and I must say, it was freaking delicious. The sea bass was cooked beautifully with the skin crispy and the meat white and sweet. I love the slightly charred cauliflower with a touch of acidity that gives the dish a different texture and layer


Mixed Berry Crostata w Vanilla Gelato, Blackberries $15

The server recommended the crostata, but I must say it was the most disappointing out of the meal. It wasn’t bad but we thought it wasn’t outstanding either. It tasted like hard pie with really punchy berries flavour


Chocolate Pudding w Candied Hazelnuts, Chocolate Sauce $15

The chocolate pudding was thick and chocolatey though I enjoyed the candied hazelnuts for that extra crunch. But I think the dessert was a little too thick and sweet for my liking

Overall, I thought the food here was pretty decent. It’s a place to consider for dates and casual dinner though I would prefer if they do without the different seating session instead. It felt like I was costantly watching the time and the servers are secretly chasing you away for the next diner. One dinner, so much stress. But if you are looking at good Italian flavours, Angeleno can be your next to try


20 Gemmill Lane, S(069257)

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