Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar – Entertainer 1 For 1

Met the friends for new year brunch at Nassim Hill Bakery which was also in the entertainer 1-for-1 app. Took some time to find the cafe cos it was rather confusing when you come from Tanglin mall, like you have to climb the stairs to Swiss Butchery before exiting to find the cafe on the left.


A rather crowded place with staffs so difficult to get their attention. The friends were joking whether they deliberately pretend not to see us


Cafe Mocha $7

A well-liked drink by everyone on the table


Skillet Eggs $21

Shakshouka; 2 sunny side eggs served in red pepper Harissa ragout, sliced Spanish chorizo sausages & toasts

Wanted something different from brunch items and chose Skillet Eggs. It was tasty for the first few bites but subsequently it got so spicy that you can’t really taste anything other than repeating ‘Wah, it’s so spicy!’ And I don’t seem to find much sausages in it too


Turkey Club $16 (with Guinness Stout Bread +$3)


Turkey, emmetal, cranberry Sauce, chipotle Mayo, bacon

Upgraded the bread to Guinness Stout bread based on reviews but sadly the bread was so hard..


Po’ Boy Sandwich $21

Grilled shrimps, honey baked ham, emmetal served with sun-dried tomato cheddar focaccia

The filling was good and I like the cheddar flavoured focaccia but the bread can afford to be warmer and softer. It’s those kind you will be so pek cek trying to cut the bread you will just end up biting straight off


Chilli Crab  Pasta $18

Decent flavoured chilli crab sauce


Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes $18

The pancakes were fluffy but when you add all the toppings together, it just becomes too sweet


Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles w Chive Sour Cream Sauce $19

The savoury waffles were good and goes well with the sour cream sauce but the bacon was rather disappointing


Chinese New Year Brunch!


I think Nassim Hill was pretty disappointing since they had rather good reviews. For a bakery place, you will probably expect better bread from them but yet to me, the food here is at best normal and so it was rather puzzling why is this place so crowded. The only saving grace was the good company we had with so much nonsense and laughter, and also, the one for one (which only applies to sandwiches, entrees and mains) that made our experience a little better

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

56 Tanglin Rd, #01-03

Tanglin Post Office, S(247964)

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