La Ristrettos – Hidden Cafe at Novena Medical Centre

La Ristrettos is one place you will least expect to find a cafe at being located at Novena Medical Centre. I was at the building for my medical errands so decided to drop by this cafe located on the 8th floor. You can smell the scent of breakfast from the lift lobby through the corridor that will lead you to this small, yet compact cafe (which also means not so ideal ventilation)


An open concept with all the coffee machines at work


Flat White $5

Appreciate this cup of flat white which is nutty, creamy and medium bodied that goes well on the palate


Ice Mocha $6.90

I enjoy their iced mocha with a deep flavour of the coffee roast at the bottom, followed by the sweet creamy chocolate taste and ending it off with a scoop of chocolate icecream, oh yums


Grande Breakfast $15

I vaguely remembered ordering healthy big breakfast that comes with grilled chicken breast and smoked salmon, but I have no idea why the end-product is this


Anyway, sadly, the Grande breakfast though is pretty decent but was nothing outstanding. It was just a decent plate of breakfast with nothing much to complain about, and nothing spectacular to rave about

Breakfast Bruschetta $15


My two least favourite item in the breakfast world – bacon and poached egg. But surprisingly, I actually like the food. The bacon was well-cooked, tender and crispy and the poached egg runs when you slice it through. Eating it together with the basil sauce, runny yolk and the nicely grilled chicken breast was delicious


The food menu here isn’t the most extensive though I think it is generally quite decent. La Ristrettos sometimes have specials, which provides something different from their usual menu. Even though this place is rather tiny, but I like how you can just sit at the window table and just appreciate a cup of coffee and just pass time. And the best thing? There’s no GST and service charge. yay

La Ristrettos

10 Sinaran Drive #08-37

Novena Medical Centre, S(307506)

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