Odd One Out – I Want Those Har Cheong Gai Wings

Met up with my girlfriends to catch up and we settled on Odd One Out, a location that is pretty centralized and also opened recently by the same people behind Black Nut. There isn’t much signage but you can easily spot the place just opposite Somerset 313


One thing good about outdoor seating is you can still hold a conversation while the music is blasting from the inside


Canto Wings $15

Har cheong gai wings. A delectable prawn paste taste with the exterior crispy and the inside tender and juicy


All Beefed Up $18

Wagyu beef patty, bacon, American cheddar, arugula, mixed capsicum, thousand island & horseradish aioli

Juicy tender wagyu patty packed with hundred different things. Though it can be quite difficult to finish everything at a go


Chorizo Cha Cha $26

Spicy chorizo sausages topped on thin crispy pizza dough


Sautéed Australian Salmon $28

The salmon was cooked really well complemented with the sweet and smooth pea purée and red wine braised onions


Crab & Chilli Pasta

The pasta was a little undercooked and there was nothing else memorable


I like how I was trying to take a photo of everything and I went ‘there is not enough light leh’ and suddenly I have 3 phones with their flashlight on. Ha #truefriends #friendsofafoodblogger #sotouched

This place serves pretty decent food, and being located Emerald Hill it gives another option to consider for food and drinks. Service can be improved though. We have to ask repeatedly for my drinks before it finally arrived 5 calls later but if you are looking for somewhere quieter, this is another place for you

Odd One Out

180 Orchard Rd, S(238846)

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