Kazu Sumiyaki – One of The Best Hidden Secrets

Celebrated the friend’s birthday and he suggested dinner at Kazu Sumiyaki, a place known for Japanese charcoal grills. The location isn’t quite one to expect, but hidden in cuppage plaza stood a hidden restaurant with a dark exterior, patronised by a lot diners. Honestly, it was my first time at Kazu, so I was rather excited to try their food. But overwhelmed with an extensive list of menu, I was scrolling through their instagram and asking the waitress to recommend so we got some off the menu items


Kegani $30 (off the menu)

Fresh and sweet crab meat topped with crab roe. A different take on crab (meat) starter


Namerou $25 (off the menu)

Chopped tuna with spring onions and uni

The freshness of the tuna was a delight. You can taste the lightness and sweetness of the fish


Sake $32 (off the menu)

Simmered salmon with leek and caviar, if you want something high end and flavourful


Ankimo $18 (off the menu)

Wanted to order skewered foie gras but we went for Monkfish liver in the end. The texture of the monkfish liver is similar that of foie gras, but smoother and more blended with a nice sweet aftertaste


Uni Yuba $18 (off the menu)

Beancurd skin with uni

This is freaking awesome. Smooth beancurd skin that tastes more like beancurd that goes straight down your throat


Uni Nasu $15 (off the menu)

Brinjal topped with uni. Cold simmered brinjal and sweet uni exploding in your mouth


Oni Senbei $3/stick

Crispy BBQ rice with miso sauce

It wasn’t what we expected. It has a nice crispy outerlayer and a cooked, soft inner layer with a burnt aftertaste


Hotate Cheese $18

Huge scallops with mushrooms topped with cheese

The melted and burnt cheese together with the sweet juicy scallops was a burst of flavour in your mouth


Ika Yaki, $20

BBQ sliced squid with salt. Such simple yet delicious dish. Well cooked, juicy and a little salty


Kaki Bacon $6/stick

This was probably one of the more memorable items. Big juicy oyster with grilled bacon and when you eat them both at once, the sweetness of the oyster balanced with the saltiness of the bacon felt like 2 different flavours dancing in your mouth


Ebi Hotate Bacon $6/stick


Kujyo Negi Butamaki $3.50/stick

Leek with pork belly rolls. This was surprisingly good


Okonomi Yaki $3/stick

Kazu’s pancake balls are not your usual okonomi pancake. Shaped like a ball, it felt less doughy and had a nice boucny texture to it


Tsukune $3/stick (left) Hatsu $3/stick (right)

Tsukune, one of the most order at any charcoal grill. Chicken heart, not for the faint hearted. But it honestly tastes really good with the chilli flakes. I just try not to think too much when eating. Just eat.. and don’t think


TonToro $4/stick (left) Miyazaki Wagyu $8.50/stick (right)

The fatty pork jaw is too fatty for my liking and the wagyu beef felt a little too oily though the friend seems to enjoy very much


Ochazuke $7

D’s favourite dish to end his meal


Yaki Awayuki $10

BBQ Japanese black sesame icecream wrapped with mocha. I have never had bbq Japanese icecream, this was the first and it was so delicious. The mocha was soft and chewy and together with the black sesame icecream was just perfect

Even though this was my first visit at Kazu, I really enjoy the food here. We were lucky to get a table since this place is always full. I personally felt Kazu serves pretty decent charcoal grilled items. Cozy atmosphere, decent food and 3 bottles of sake, it was the perfect way to end the week 🙂

Kazu Sumiyaki

5 Koek Road, #04-05, Singapore (228796)

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