Beauty In The Pot – Beauty Hotpot by Paradise Group

The latest rave in the steamboat scene marks the entry of Beauty in the Pot, a concept by Paradise Group. I’m sure they have entered with the mission to compete with HDL, but I’ll come to the comparison later. And so, we made reservation only to be rewarded with the earliest slot of 7.45pm. The mall is actually pretty accessible from PL mrt station, only if they didn’t have construction going on and blocked the STRAIGHT road that was leading to the mall


The place is actually rather small, so which explains early reservation is recommended


Sauces available, and the steaming (free-flow) white rice next to it

Sauce is chargeable at $2.50 per pax


What I liked about this place is they actually have drawers below the table which kept the toothpicks and tissue, both wet and dry. Wah, genius!


Inspired by the culture of food for health, these soup base are collagen-based and there are only 3 choices available: 1. Beauty Collagen Broth $20 2. Spicy Nourishing Broth $20 3. Yuen Yang $25

Choice of refillable drinks: Sour Plum / Luo Han Guo $3.80 each

I prefer the luo han guo but if you want something sour, then go for the sour plum


What’s special about the broth is the use of shark cartilage as the main ingredient which creates a rich, deep and satisfying flavour. The spicy nourishing broth is similar, with the addition of mala in different levels to create that heat in the soup


We all like the mala soup base, just cos you can taste the balance between the mala and a subtle herby taste

You order your items through the iPad and food comes pretty fast but they don’t arrive all at one go, unlike HDL which they prepared all your orders at once. So it makes taking a whole table shot difficult. ha #bloggerwoes

And also, what we couldn’t get used was the fact that all the service staffs had to bow to us when they leave our table. It was honestly awkward cos we also bowed to them subconsciously, and we had a funny conversation around it

Friend A: Is there an option on the iPad we can click for them not to bow to us?

Me: Maybe they would charge us cheaper if they didn’t have to bow to us

Friend B: Maybe they were checking the temperature of the pot? #LOL


Quail Eggs $7/half portion (left) Liver $4/half portion (right)


US Angus Prime Short Ribs $12.50/half portion


Crunchy Gourmet Chicken Sausage $5/half portion


Chinese Cabbage $3/half portion


Sliced Pork Belly $6.50/half portion


Crystal Vermicelli $4.50/half portion


Assorted Balls Platter $11


Live Drunken Prawns $11/half portion (5 pieces)

The prawns are really alive. I was snap chatting with the lid uncovered and the waiter walked by and mentioned to us to be careful cos these prawns are still alive. And as if to prove his point, the prawns started jumping and splashed the sauce all around. Okayyy, point taken prawns


And I know many of us are lazy to peel prawn shells, so you can ask the servers to peel them for you. They did such a good job peeling the prawns they only left the tail untouched


Abalone Mushrooms $3/half portion


Fried Beancurd Skin $3.50/half portion

Honorable mention has to go to his delicious fried beancurd skin, and when you cook them for a maximum 3 seconds, they are soaked in the yumminess of the collagen broth. It’s really delicious


We ordered many other stuffs but the service staffs were so keen to help us cook they went straight into the pot


Another genius equipment where you now don’t have to worry about your food disappearing in the pot


And it stays there without sinking. Every steamboat place should have this seriously


Complimentary Palate Cleanser


Yuzu Slush

The yuzu slush was a good dessert to end the meal just cos it was refreshing, sweet, icy and a little sour. And it comes in a tiny portion so fear not if you are already feeling full from dinner


Personally the experience was a good one. The quality of the food was decent, service was excellent and you don’t have to wait. But if you give me the choice to dine at HDL or BTP, I would still go for HDL, even though you have to wait a little bit. I think the former is all about the experience and I get to choose my soup base without just restricting to only 2. And the fact it is collagen soup base here, you will get sick of it after awhile if you drink too much of it. But if you are looking for decent hotpot place that takes reservation without waiting, I will recommend you can give this place a try

Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅

11 Tanjong Katong Rd, One KM Mall

#02-21/22, Singapore 436950

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