Atlas Coffeehouse – Food For The Early People

Atlas Coffeehouse, the newest opening in the cafe scene, is the sister restaurant of Assembly Grounds in Dhoby Ghaut. We made our way down to be welcomed with lots of crowd even though we were there rather early

There’s actually 2 sets of photos cos I went twice. I wanted to try their most-instagrammed banana pancakes but cos the friend doesn’t take banana, I made a point to revisit #somuchdedication


I like the interior of the place with a little industrial feel, and the light shining at the right spots which makes photos look really good without much editing



Deconstructed Latte $8

It’s my first time seeing deconstructed latte on the menu and the friend totally just egged me to try it. So I asked the cashier what does a deconstructed latte mean and she said, well basically we deconstruct the latte for you and you have an espresso and milk


But nobody told me I will have 2 cups of coffee! O.O I was surprised when my order came and the friend looked at me and said well, I don’t drink coffee…

You drink it like this: start with the espresso to appreciate the full flavour of the beans and then the steamed milk to neutralize the acidity and end it off with the latte to savour the full balance of the coffee


And uh cos nobody told me how to drink, I mixed it with the milk… #pleasedontfollow #ifeelsilly

Anyway I enjoyed their latte even though it had a bitter aftertaste and a lingering acidity. I thought it was something different yet a decent cup of coffee. And yes, I finished both cups of coffee #caffeinehigh

Did I mention the co-owner and the pretty barista was there?


Ice Chocolate $6

It totally tasted like ice chocolate, with a scoop of icecream hidden


Caffe Mocha $5

What I like about the mocha was you can smell the fragrance of the coffee and taste the caffeine when it first hit your palate, followed by the sweet chocolate aftertaste. I thought it was a rather balanced and decent cup of mocha


Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough $12

+scrambled eggs $3

+sausages $3


Mushrooms cooked with white wine sauce, topped on toast. Decently cooked, the toast was a little too hard to cut through. Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs with the top a little runny and rather forgettable sausages


Shoestring Truffle Fries $8

We didn’t like the fries, just cos it was too crispy. I’m not sure if they were meant to be served like this but it was too crispy to the point it felt like they were overcooked. But well, if you like your fries crispy, you may like their version


Earl Grey Caramel Buttermilk Waffles $12

Crispy fluffy buttermilk waffles with earl grey caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla icecream


ATLAS Butterscotch Banana Pancakes $18

The pancakes which I specially went back for and had a 20mins waiting time. It had a crisp outerlayer and perfectly cooked inner layer. But maybe cos the pancakes were rather thick, i didn’t really like it as much. I prefer my pancakes light and fluffy. The first few bites were enjoyable but after while I wanted to cry cos it was just too sweet. Think sweet butterscotch sauce and honeycomb icecream and candied cornflakes and caramelized banana. Omg, I had problem finishing half the plate. This is one that is highly recommended to be shared


Their mains were enjoyable and i like their coffee. It’s a good place to chill with decent food that look really photogenic and what’s a plus point is they open early so for those early people, you now have another place to go to


Well, I don’t think dogs are allowed but these two doggies totally caught my eye when I was people watching with a cup of coffee in hand

Atlas Coffeehouse

6 Duke’s Rd, S(268886)

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