Non Entrée Desserts – Plated Desserts Cafe at Rangoon Road

When I visited Non Entrée desserts, I found the location seemingly familiar. It was when I realised they took over the defunct Woodshed cafe, which shows how quickly cafes come and go. Non Entrée specialises in plated desserts, with a few cake selection as well as specials for the day. To be honest, we were attracted by the presentation of the desserts and thus make a point to go down to try


The cafe was packed with tea time crowd


Cakes on display



Matcha Latte $5.50


Black Forest Reindeer Cake $12.90

Who wouldn’t want to order this super cute reindeer cake? Dark chocolate mousse, kirsch cream, red wine marinated cherries encrusted in 64% Valrhona dark chocolate, it was everything in a ball. But to break it down, I feel that there wasn’t much contrast in texture. It was a rather normal black forest cake


TNT $18.90

I have to give it to them for their presentation


Basil marinated strawberries, lychee sorbet, pistachio sponge and earl grey soil in milk chocolate crust

The dessert is really cute. The concept of finding a dynamite inside contains element of surprise. Taste-wise, I feel that the flavours are too extreme without having a balance. Half the time, I don’t really know what I’m eating but i enjoyed the few pieces of moscato jelly


Chocolate Avalanche $13.90


Warm Valrhona chocolate lava, chocolate soil, almond nougatine & orange-infused icecream


Highly recommended by their staffs, it was also the only dessert i enjoyed. The lava cake was soft, warm with a slight crisp outer layer. The almond nougatine was lovely and the orange-infused icecream was something different and refreshing


I feel that for a cafe that puts in lots of effort for their presentation, Non Entrée certainly makes the mark. But sometimes, having too many elements in a dish can be confusing because by overlapping each flavour, customers can’t really appreciate what they are eating. I have to admit throughout my whole experience, I cannot help but secretly compare to another dessert cafe which I frequent and I think this place can still put in a little more effort in their desserts. Looking at the crowd while we were there, I believe there are still certain factors that draw this crowd back, but at least for me, I think once is enough

Non Entrée Desserts

204 Rangoon Road S(218451)

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