Uma Uma Izakaya Restaurant & Bar – Go For The Ramen Instead

Uma Uma opened its second outlet at Millenia walk with a different concept incorporating yakitori. Since I’ve never tried Uma Uma’s ramen, I thought it was a good opportunity to try it out as well to celebrate the friend’s birthday. The place is pretty small, and I don’t think it accepts reservation. So if you have a big group, do go earlier so that you get the tables



Asahi Super Dry $8 (happy hour)

What’s yakitori without some alcohol. Actually, it’s just a good excuse to drink. ha


Shitake Mushroom $3 per stick

The friends had the longest time deciding whether or not to order the mushrooms cos at $3 per stick, it was more expensive than the others. But as you can tell, we ordered in the end. I thought the mushroom lacked the juiciness of the mushrooms, like the kind where you can immediately taste the burst of sweetness when you put them in your mouth. It was decent, but rather forgettable


Chicken Skin $2 per stick

The chicken skin was well cooked and crispy, but the marinate was too heavy to the point it was a little too salty


Tsukune $2 per stick

I like the tautness of the chicken ball, but I think it can afford to be more tender and moist


Stingray Fins $10

I still think Orihara serves one of the best stingray fins. These were too chewy for my liking


Wagyu Beef $24

 I think the wagyu was a few seconds over cooked. And I would prefer if we can taste more of the sweetness of the meat than the flavour of the sauce


Our ramen (with one pair of chopsticks that can’t wait to dig in)


Bushi Tonkotsu Ramen $16

We ordered one of their specialty. The bushi tonkotsu is deeply flavoured. It is most suited for those who prefer a heavier taste to their food


And the egg, a little runny and a little cooked. Oh, yums


Mazesoba $14

A compact bowl filled with delicious sesame tossed ramen and onsen egg. It was simple yet comforting


Tonkotsu Ramen $14

For those who prefer a lighter taste to their ramen, you will probably like the tonkotsu ramen more. The broth is definitely lighter and more drinkable and I enjoyed the tender chasiu with the ramen


Chasiu Don $5

The friends actually love this a lot. Well flavoured chasiu, with melt-in-your-mouth chasiu fats. It would be even more perfect with an ajitsuke tamago 😉


I’m too sure if I was just unlucky on the day of visit that their yakitori is generally overdone/flame too big/marinate on the wrong note. Though I have to say, their prices are pretty reasonable for yakitori items. I think their ramen will make a safer bet, or if you would rather, order 2 bowls of chasiu don instead 🙂

Uma Uma Izakaya Restaurant & Bar

Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-06, Singapore 039596

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