Karafuru Desserts – Wish To Have Them Everyday

Karafuru, which means colourful in Katakana, is a Japanese inspired cafe specialising in yoghurt parfaits and eclairs. The interior of the place is simple and clean and easily spotted is the array of eclairs on the display shelf. The space isn’t big but they do have enough staffs to cater to a big crowd

Pretty much spoilt for choices. The eclairs here are smaller in size as compared to French eclairs

Eclairs $6 each

(from left) Coffee, Matcha, Yuzu

Though petite in size, they don’t scrimp on ingredients. Each eclair has the filling filled to the max and you get to enjoy the flavours in your mouth

Hanami $16

Sakura Souffle, Vanilla Pudding, Red Fruit Couli, Cereal Crunch, Dango, Strawberries, Raspberries, Sakura Langue de Chat

Probably one of the most instagrammed item. The Hanami dessert was a delight. We love the milky yoghurt and the awesome mochi. The cereals added a touch of crunch and ending it off with the vanilla pudding was pleasant to the palate

Though a little far from the nearest mrt, we do see a constant flow of crowd. The prices here a little on the steep side but for the quality they offer, I do see some value in them. It’s a place I’ll definitely go back if I’m in the area and one of the better designer eclairs I’ve tried

Ending with a picture of the friends cos I find this too funny


Karafuru Desserts

18 Jalan Klapa, S(199320)

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