SEAR Steakhouse – We Are Never Getting Back Together

I was craving for meat cos it had been a crazy week at work so the cousin suggested Sear Steakhouse, which was located in CBD area. This American steakhouse has it all – the view, high ceiling, plushy cushions and everything that spells class so I was pretty excited to try their steaks. The place was empty and there were only 2 other tables that were occupied when we left. I was jokingly telling the friends I booked the whole place

Catena Alamos, Malbec, Mendoza 2012 $16/glass

The red wine was very good. It was smooth and easy to drink and can easily fall in love with

We got the four course dinner and a tasting of trio to share among the 3 of us cos we were pretty spoilt for choices and just wanted to try everything

Four Course Dinner $88

House Cured Petuna Trout

On first glance, it pretty much looked like salmon. And if I were dining in the dark, I probably can’t tell the difference. The trout was pretty decent. It was fresh and I like how it goes with seaweed and beetroot butter which was fragrant and added some form of playfulness

Atlantic Lumb Crab Cake +$5

The crab cake was delicious. Crispy on the outside and you can taste the sweetness and abundance of crabmeat inside, and the sauce gave different flavours to the dish

Flame Grilled Wagyu, Rangers

The first disappointment came with the mains. They were served cool, maybe just 0.1 degree of hotness. The quality of the meat was disappointing as well. We couldn’t taste the tenderness of how a wagyu should taste like. But, the vegetables and mushroom sauce were fresh and earthy

Tasting of Trio $95

Canadian Cross Angus Tenderloin, Wakanui 21 Day-Aged Sirloin, Australian Jack Wagyu Ribeye

The second disappointment came with these 3 steaks. We had requested for medium rare for all our steaks but this came back medium. So the kitchen actually took it back and re-fire for us. And on top of that, the quality of meat was pretty tough and at some point of time, you actually need to chew a little more to get the meat digested

Bordelaise w Soft Bone Marrow Sauce

We got to choose one type of sauce and the waiter recommended the bordelaise. Actually the sauce is pretty secondary to me since I like to have the steaks as they are

The second round of steaks came back medium rare, but I have never tasted a steak as charred as this tenderloin. It was worse than char siew. The friends were pretty upset and we called the manager over to provide feedbacks but alas, the third disappointment came when the manager appeared really unapologetic about it. He simply told us the steaks here are used using charcoal grill at a temperature of 400 degree celsius and the friend asked him ‘so are you saying that we are supposed to taste the charred taste than the steak taste?’ The classic moment came when the manager replied yes. Totally face palmed. And the friend was really agitated after the manager left. lol

The senior supervisor, Loong, on the other hand was more much service orientated and sincere, and really tried to make it up to us by offering a mudpie on the house. If Gordon Ramsay is here, he would have died of a heart attack being the expeditor #justsaying #watchtoomanymasterchef #andhellskitchen

Cinnamon Doughnuts w Cirtus Curd & Lemon Icecream

The cinnamon doughnuts were part of the four course dinner. I like the doughnuts. They were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and dusted with some cinnamon and sugar was delightful

Complimentary Mudpie w Coffee Icecream

I really enjoyed the coffee icecream and the mudpie was thick, soft and creamy with a strong taste of chocolate

To sum it all up, they shouldn’t call themselves a steakhouse. I would easily justify you to try other their other dishes other than their steaks. At least, they were pretty much decent. To be fair, they actually waive the whole bill for us (no, we didn’t shout and scream or tear the house down), but in all honesty, being in the food and beverage industry, one day you are in and the next day you’re out. It’s not just the food that makes the difference, but the service as well. Like what a friend mentioned, being service orientated is very important, I think the manager needs to learn it the hard way. Perhaps one day, I might say yes to a re-visit if is enough motivation to go back there. If not, Sear, like what Taylor says we are never ever ever getting back together

SEAR Singapore

50 Raffles Place, #45/46-01,

Singapore Land Tower, S(048616)

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