Kki Sweets – Cakes That Melt in Your Mouth

I have little memories of Kki Sweets with its first home at Ann Siang hill, I thought their cakes were forgettable back then. So when they moved into their new home, the friend and I went down to try. A small little space in SOTA and with partnership with The Little Drom Store, the decoration of the place was simple, neat and clean

Array of delights

Ume (Scented w Apricot) $4.80

Little Red Riding Hood $9.80

Dark Chocolate Mousse w Raspberry

Chocolatey and rich with a deep raspberry filling, it was full in flavours

Nao $9.80

Strawberry Mousse w Pistachio

I throughly enjoy the strawberry mousse which was light, sweet and creamy. You can taste the beautiful strawberry taste and a hint of pistachio in the heart of the cake

What I like about their mousse cakes here is they don’t taste like fake mousse. I always cringe in horror when I come across that. The mousse here though creamy, is light and melts in your mouth. Some may find the texture of mousse cakes a little weird but I thought Kki Sweets serve some pretty delectable delights. And with a convenient location at Dhoby Ghaut, it just gives another reason to visit, though this very place was also where my camera died on me (and cost a hole in my pocket 😦 )

Kki Sweets

School of The Arts (SOTA)

#02-01, 1 Zubir Said Drive, 227268

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