Luxe – Australian Style Cafe Finds Its Spot In Singapore (Closed)

Sydney based Luxe opened its doors in Singapore along the stretch of Keong Saik road, adding to the already decorated Keong Saik restaurants and cafes. The cafe is pretty new given when I tried to google Luxe Singapore, it pops up all other things other than the cafe. Located at the working capital, it occupies next to hip and modern Neon Pigeon

I like the interior of the place. It’s spacious, airy and the decorations are simple and clean

It somehow reminds me of Scandinavian decor, just white and woody

Lunch only starts at 12pm so if you come before that, you will be presented with their brunch menu which well, serves the usual brunch items

Even if you are there for lunch, you will still be able to enjoy their coffee which is from Toby’s Estate

Flat White $5

Latte $5

Grilled Octopus w Chui’s XO Sauce $21

I hope I got the name of the XO sauce right cos it pretty much sounded like ‘cannot-make-it’ XO sauce. In anycase, the sauce was good. It was mixed with dried shrimps which gave a nice flavour. I like it was sweet with a little bit of acidity. The octopus were decent though 4 small pieces for $21 is a little expensive. I thought they can do better with the presentation by cleaning it up a little bit more

Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll w Salad $18

I enjoyed the sausage roll. The stuffing was filling and satisfying. It didn’t look like sausage but when you chew, it really tasted like one. Puff pastry was a little on the oily side so it would be a good option to share among 2. You can dip the roll with the sauce that comes along with it. It’s an interesting sauce that looks like pasta sauce but tasted somehow like chilli crab

Prawn Spaghetti w Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic $35

One thing I’m pretty anal about the presentation is when they don’t clean their plates so you got the sauce in the most obvious places. So in this case, I specially turned the plate the other way round. The spaghetti was delicious. It has good flavours and was appetising. Prawns were well-cooked and fragrant though we couldn’t figure out what the green sauce was

Honestly, I think the food is decent but as you can see, the prices are on the steep side. I’m not too sure if it’s cos of rent, given Neon Pigeon and Lollapalooza are neighbouring tenants and the food is not cheap either. I think they are still playing around with their menu given they mentioned they actually revised their lunch menu to the current one so hopefully in due time, something better and bigger will come along. Despite that, Luxe sees a full house on a weekend so I guess there’s some attraction to the name afterall

Luxe Singapore

1 Keong Saik Road, S(089109)

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