Coolplay Soft Serve Singapore – Another Icecream Place in Toa Payoh

Coolplay Soft Serve originates from Taiwan and residents of Toa Payoh will be happy to know they have another place for icecream to go when the summer heat hits Singapore. The shop is pretty new and they rotate their flavours on a weekly basis. I like the funky and fun colours of the shop which very much reminds of beach and summer

The shop provides many props for you to take pictures of their icecream which was a clever way of marketing their dessert, and honestly it was really fun to play with

Flavours of the week!

Rum Raisin $4.50

The icecream here is more icy and it melts really fast. I have no idea whether it’s due to the heat or what but it was very much easier to eat with a spoon. Flavours-wise, I think they could actually improve more on it. I didn’t quite actually taste much of the rum raisin flavour, which I thought was pretty disappointing. I like their waffle cone though. It was crispy and very fragrant

Heavy Chocolate $4.50

I tried a spoonful of the heavy chocolate and gosh, it is sure heavy. The chocolate is thick but without being overly sweet

Honestly, I wouldn’t come all the way down for this. I think I still prefer Creamier/Sunday Folks anytime. I’m not too sure perhaps cos we went when the shop was just opened and they did not get their flavours right or cos they are originally meant to taste like that. But for those for who living in the area, it is still an option to get your icecream fix

Coolplay Soft Serve Singapore

#01-332B, 85B Lor 4 Toa Payoh, S(312085)

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