Landing Point’s Chocolate Rhapsody Set – Chocolate Heaven but Once Is Enough

I won myself vouchers for Landing Point’s Chocolate Rhapsody Set for 2 at Fullerton Bay hotel, courtesy of Food and Socialikes Connect 2015 so I got the sweet tooth friend to head down with me. Fullerton Bay hotel is elegant and classy and as you walk past Clifford Pier restaurant, you hear the soft music of someone singing which complements the ambience of the place perfectly. There wasn’t alot of people for a Friday night at Landing Point given I think, it’s probably more of a chill place than a dinner place

The set comes with free flow coffee and tea so we got ourselves some tea from TWG. I love their Earl Grey!

Chocolate Rhapsody Set for 2

The set is only available on Friday and Saturday from 8-11pm and reservations are recommended. I googled the picture of the set beforehand so I wasn’t very surprised of the presentation. I think we took a good whole 15 minutes to take turn taking photos before we finally started digging in

Chocolate Fondue Set

The fondue sauce comes with a combination of Varlhona Caraibe (66%), Varlhona Lactee (38%) and Varlhona Ivory (34%). Honestly I don’t know what is what but the chocolate sauce was delicious. It was evenly balanced without being too sick of it

The platter also comes with Strawberries, Honeydew, Pineapple, Homemade Marshmellow, Brownies & Love Letter. Interesting to see love letter here but I think fruits and chocolate still go best together. The brownies were unfortunately dry

Here’s a breakdown of the set

Miniature Chocolate Cakes

Forest Cherry Chocolate Roll, Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie, Noir Orange Opera Cake, Signature Chocolate Manjari Cake

Miniature Chocolate Tarts

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tartlet, Chocolate Banana Tartlet, Creamy Passion Fruit Tartlet

Miniature Chocolate Desserts

Double Chocolate Bouchons, Chocolate Profiteroles, Chocolate Macarons, Chocolate-dipped Madelines

It feels like an extensive chocolate dessert menu and it really is. The 2 of us have issues finishing them all and this set for 2 can probably feed 4 people

For chocolate lovers, this will probably seem like a heaven to you. But even the sweet tooth friend had to admit this was too much to handle. In terms of presentation, they have done pretty well. The miniature dessert pieces look really lovely. In terms of taste, I thought it was quite a disappointment

The cakes overall were pretty dry and the tarts were average. I think I gave up on the set long time ago and putting each piece in my mouth takes alot of motivation. And while we finally reached the last few pieces, the server came by and asked if we wanted a refill. The look on my face was priceless. The friend couldn’t stop laughing. I mean like seriously, you really think anyone can go for round 2?

Truffle Fries $8

The only consolation was the truffle fries, not cos it was good but cos it provided a different taste to the sweet 13 chocolate items we had. It came with chili and mayo and at one point the friend asked what sauce it was. I told her ketchup, and then I said actually I couldn’t really tell whether it’s ketchup or chili and she couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, thats what eating 13 chocolate items done to my tastebud. I cannot even differentiate what sauce it was

Honestly, I thought the whole concept behind this chocolate set was abit strange. Firstly, why would anyone want a chocolate set buffet at 8pm at night? 8pm leh, even without eating dinner, how much can one eat just on chocolate desserts alone? Secondly, night lighting is difficult to take nice pictures of the food. If you want to market your products, wouldn’t an (afternoon) tea-time set with natural lighting make a better choice? Don’t really understand their marketing objectives here but okay, nvm 🙂

I’m glad I got to try one-of-a-kind chocolate dessert set (which is refillable) in my lifetime, but really, once is enough. This is a matter of sugar overdose in one night and also not for the faint hearted

Landing Point @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

80 Collyer Quay, S(049326)

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