Nicholas Le Restaurant – Cozy French Place Serving Great French Cuisine

You will probably hear less of Teck Lim road, contrary to its popular neighbour Keong Saik road. The most popular tenant on the street occupied by Burnt Ends serves Australian bbq dishes, but down the road nestled among the shops lies Nicholas Le restaurant, a cozy quiet French restaurant helmed by Chef Nicholas Joanny who has worked at Michelin Star restaurants in France, Italy and Singapore. I actually didn’t know what to expect but since the friend said that it was good so we went to dine

It’s not a very big place, so it’s good for quiet, cozy and intimate dinner

The Chef creates a 6 course ‘Tasting Menu’ every 2 weeks, $98++, using fresh seasonal produces and also depending on his mood and inspirations. For those who want something more, you can opt for the 8 course ‘Surprise Menu’ for you and the table, $128++

Pork Rillette w Crostini

This place makes the best pork rillette ever. It has good texture, balance and flavours which makes it appetizing and delicious. It’s so good I can finish the whole rillette by myself. Even the friend could tell I was very happy eating it

Bread Basket

Hokkaido Scallop w Chorizo, Asari Clams Bouillon infused w Iranian Saffron served w Feuille de Brick

Scallop was well cooked and the combination of the asari clams broth gave added sweetness to the dish. I like how they did the folded pastry which was light, crispy and melt-in-the-mouth crunchiness

Obsiblue Prawn, Tortelini, Vine Tomato, Fromage Frais

The obsiblue prawn is a rare and delicate dish, which is famous for its blue shell and subtle sweet flavour. The pairing with the tomato sauce brings out the balance of the flavours and I like their tortelini which somehow reminds me of wanton

Traditional Raviole Du Royan w Crispy Iberico Pluma Pork and Mushroom Bouillon

I know the focus is supposed to be the raviole but the iberico pork totally stole my heart. It was crispy, sweet and awfully delicious. I like the broth was sweet and earthy, which brings out the taste of the pasta and the protein

Organic New Zealand Egg ’63 Degrees’ w Green Pea Soup

I understand the technique to cook the egg takes a little bit of effort but honestly, I’m really not a fan of poached egg. haha but still, the egg was cooked evenly and beautifully and I like the subtle combination of the green pea soup which provided a sweet backdrop without stealing the limelight of the egg

Aged Angus Beef Tenderloin (+$12)

The friend said the beef was pretty good

Pigeon from Britany

The pigeon was cooked 2 ways. A crispy leg confit and the breast meat cooked at low temperature. I love the confit. It was simple and delicious. I think I’m not too used to eating pigeon meat cooked pretty rare even though the texture tasted seemingly like chicken but it was comparatively tender, softer and rarer

Cheese platter (+$30)

We decided to try the cheese before desserts and they have all sorts of cheese for you to choose from. They supposedly serve pretty decent cheese but after trying this, I conclude me and cheese don’t go hand in hand =/ I think ze friend wanted to kill me cos I made him finish the whole platter by himself (lol) *You are the best! I know you are reading this :D*

Three Small Desserts

Honestly, I can’t remember what were the desserts we ate. But they were excellent. Small, satisfying and filling

You know a good restaurant when you are blogging and you can still remember the taste just by looking at the pictures. I think they serve pretty decent French cuisine and this price for a 6 course menu seems like a good deal. It’s a recommendable place for occasion dinners or if not, you can give their lunch menu a try too

Nicholas Le Restaurant

10 Teck Lim Rd, S(088386)

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