The Daily Roundup – A Crepe Specialty Shop

The Lo & Behold Group has a new restaurant under their belt. Located at The Working Capitol, The Daily Roundup is a crepe-specialty shop that serves both sweet and savoury crepe. The place is spacious and a good spot to do some work if you are looking for somewhere quiet though there isn’t much offered on the menu given it’s a crepe-specialty shop

We went for sweet crepes since we were looking for desserts and on the advice of the staff, we had one each given it was snack-size or so they claimed

Yuzu Butter $10

I like the crepe when I first started cos it’s when you can still taste the yuzu. Yuzu-infused butter actually tasted pretty good, at the beginning but later, the citrusy taste of yuzu was totally overwhelmed by the taste of butter which proved to be too much until I totally just scraped the butter away. The cafe uses artisanal butter, Jean-Yves Bordier which is known to be super smooth and super rich and I can totally tell by the grease left on the crepe. I think personally I’m not a fan of too much oil or too much grease so the use of a high quality butter don’t really work on me

Nutella $10

Sauce aside, the crepes were thin, silky and fragrant and tasted pretty normal. Though the addition of sugar on the crepe gave some texture and sweetness

Stole this picture off my friend’s blog and I cannot help compare the crepes in Europe and in Singapore

Credits: To the friend, J!


(Oozing) Nutella Crepe with bananas €4.50


Perhaps crepes in Singapore are not cheap to start with, given the use of expensive ingredients to maintain that same expectation in taste. Location-wise, this place may be a hit or miss. Yes they are the only crepe shop in the vicinity but along the stretch of Keong Saik area, we have The Lokal that serves delicious sticky date pudding, Mad about Sucre that serves wonderful cakes, Banana Tree serving flower bingsu and across the road on Craig road we have Italian desserts. I might need a little more motivation in order to come back here

The Daily Roundup

1 Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol


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