Selfish Gene Patisserie – Delicious Homemade Icecream

The friend wanted to try Selfish Gene Patisserie. I think we had so many ‘To Try’ places it’s getting difficult to strike off the list but okay, slowly we will get there. It’s just a matter of time. Those who know Selfish Gene cafe will not find the patisserie unfamiliar since the dessert place is just directly on the second level. The patisserie only opens at 12pm so you can either eat at the cafe below before that or well, anywhere in Tanjong Pagar since there are no lack of food options. Just close your eye and choose

We were lucky it wasn’t crowded that day so we could pretty much utilise the whole place but then again, the place is quite small

Ice Latte $8

They serve their plated desserts from the lightest taste to the strongest, so here’s what we ordered (from to light to strong)

Lime Lychee $12

Lime Ice, Lychee Ice, Lime Icecream, Lychee & Nata de Coco

This was super refreshing under such warm weather that day. The combination of lime and lychee ice was sweet yet balanced by the acidity of the lime. The lime icecream was sweet yet sour and creamy. It was like super yummy. You can add the lychee and nata de coco in, or eat them separately

Soya $14

Tofu Cheesecake, Red Bean, Mochi, Red Miso & Green Tea Icecream

There’s nothing to rave about this unfortunately. The miso was a little too salty but I like how they mix the red beans with peanut to give it a different texture when you chew into them

Chocolate $14

Dark Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Orange Confit & Orange Icecream

I will recommend this as well. I never knew orange icecream is this delicious. You have the strong, thick flavour of the chocolate on one end and the light, sweet orange confit on the other. Mix the two and it’s like a burst of flavours. I like the use of fruits that end the dessert on a refreshing note

I’m not too sure if they change their menu over time but I do know they serve some delicious home made icecream. For those who are craving for icecream after a meal, do swing by for some plated desserts if you happen to be in the area

Selfish Gene Patisserie

40A Craig Road S(089678)

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  1. Hi Iris, thanks for visiting us at Selfish Gene Patisserie. We are happy to know that you enjoyed your experience at SGP. With regards to the menu, we do change the menu from time to time. WE are also looking at expanding our offering to include afternoon tea sets as well as custom cakes. Please add us on FB and IG for updates. Would you mind if we posted your blog entry on our FB? Please?


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