Hyde & Co – White Interior Makes Great Photos

I went to Hyde & Co on the day it launched its new brunch menu though the items we had might not necessarily be the new items launched. The weather was really hot that day so we were really glad to step into the cafe with welcoming air conditioning and attentive staffs who brought out ice water to cool us down. The cafe is located at North Bridge road, a distance away from the nearest Bugis mrt and while the place wasn’t big, it fills up quickly by noon

White walls plus simple decoration makes great photos

Monk’s Pear $9

Light Bergamot Taste w Jasmine

It’s strange that they used black tea but the taste of the brewed tea tasted so light and refreshing, like those of green tea-based. It was simple yet filled with sweetness of Jasmine taste and a little of the citrus fruit. The friend enjoyed it very much

Flat White $5

I like how they put in effort for the latte art. The coffee was smooth, well bodied and velvety which was very easy to drink

And brunch is served!

Truffle Fries w Garlic Aioli and Sweet Chilli $12

I think we were so excited taking full table shots I totally forgot about the truffle fries. The fries were crispy and flavoured with truffle taste though they might have added a little too much salt. Still, it was a very decent bucket of truffle fries

Holy Smokes $17

Toasted Bagel w Smoked Salmon, Pickled Onions, Cream Cheese & Crispy Capers

A very normal yet delicious plate of bagel with smoked salmon. I think what stood out was the crispy capers which gave a different texture to the very boring bagel breakfast

The Full Works $21

Baked Cheese Portobello, Bacon, Pork Bockwurst, Baguette, Char Grilled Tomato, Roasted Potato & Sunny Side Ups

The portobello mushroom was delicious and so was the crispy bacon and potatoes. The combination of cheese and the sweet and juicy mushroom was delightful and I enjoy the bacon that has the right flavours and crispiness

I think I enjoy the food as much as taking photos of the food. Hyde & Co definitely serves some good brunches and with the clean white interior, it is not difficult to fall in love with this place, though some might find it a little inaccessible. The waffles look good too, maybe I will be back some time again

Hyde & Co

785 North Bridge Rd, S(198753)

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