LeVel 33 – More For The View, Less For The Food

Even though I have been working at MBFC for 3 years, this is my virgin visit to LeVel 33. I have heard raves about this place, but mainly for the view and I had to agree that you should just come here for the view (read between the lines). LeVel 33 has its own lift up, separated from the office buildings which is located behind the reception of tower 1. The restaurant isn’t big either but surprisingly crowded during lunch. I guess there are always suckers for nice views

The 3-course Executive Lunch set priced at $33+ includes appetiser buffet from Ploughman’s Table, a choice of main from the Classics, Weekly Specials or Exclusive Selection and lastly, fresh fruits and desserts from Ploughman’s Table as well

The Ploughman’s Table

An assortment of salad, pasta, prawns, salmon and cold cut

I thought their appetiser was pretty okay and given it’s buffet-style, you can just be full from the selection of appetiser they offered

Rump +$7

Chargrilled Steak, Fat Cut Chips, Tomato Jam & Veal Jus

The steak was overdone, and that’s more than enough to spoil the experience. I didn’t like the fat cut chips either. It was rather bland and mushy on the inside

Roasted Angus Sirloin Sandwich w Onion Marmalade, Wholegrain Mustard, Argula and Fat Cut Chips

The bread was tough to cut and the sirloin was dry and tough. I felt like I could get better sandwiches from Joe & Dough downstairs =/

Desserts were actually pretty decent, probably the best section out of all 3


They do not serve latte in a takeaway cup.. Why?! Anyway, I didn’t like the latte cos it was way too foamy. I could finish the coffee and there was still a layer of foam towards the end of the drink

LeVel 33 might seem too overhyped. I thought their Ploughman’s table serves better food than their mains and you will probably get full just by that. I’m glad I finally been to LeVel 33, even though this might probably be my last visit as well

It will probably be more awesome at night. Just come by for drinks and the view

LeVel 33

8 Marina Blvd, #33-01,MBFC Tower 1, S(018981)

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