Lollapalooza Singapore, Another Strange Name

Fans of Lolla will be glad to know they have opened another outlet by the name of Lollapalooza, which is quite a handful to pronounce. Though the restaurant is new, it was surprisingly packed for a weekday night. I like the interior of the place, big and tasteful, though I can’t say the same for the food I would expect the menu to change daily since the dates are printed on the paper menu. The dim lighting actually made it difficult to read and we curiously looked on to the next table to see what’s enticing. We asked the server for recommendation and they said they recommend everything.. Okay..

Flatbread w Chorizo and Herbed Ricotta $16

The bread was thin, warm and crispy. The chorizo and herbed ricotta gave the bread the flavours which was a nice combination

Radicchio w Crispy Pig’s Ear $21

I never tried pig’s ear before so this was something new. Honestly, it just tasted like crispy fried dough

Chargrilled Dingley Pork Shop $38

A hot favourite among all. So good we ordered a second round. We love the pork chop from the tender meat to the fats, and down to the sweet pineapple which was slightly charred

Roasted Lamb Rack w Spiced Yoghurt & Pomegranate $38

Lamb Shoulder w Fennel Stew $36

The lamb shoulder was a delight. Very tender and flavorful though it gets a little salty after awhile

Flat Bread (Plain) $8

So we got some plain flat bread to go along with the stew. Just like eating roti and curry chicken

Roasted Quail stuffed w Duck Foie Gras and Raisins $28

A very tiny portion of a decent quail dish. Couldn’t taste much of foie gras but very much of the raisins

Veal Cheek and Escargot Stew $38

Roast Chicken (Half) $25

I thought this was as good as the pork chop. Who would have thought a roast chicken would taste this good. I totally recommend this

The friends ordered a dark chocolate and hazelnut cake for me (unfortunately not pictured) which was pretty good as well. The chocolate was rich and the hazelnuts were addictive

Generally, I thought this place serves pretty decent food. But I have to mention the portion is pretty small. The servers were not kidding when they said one person had to order 3-4 dishes just for themselves. That being said, I don’t think the dishes are reasonably priced for the small portion they served. Maybe it’s quality over quantity, or they are just targeting a whole different crowd


1 Keong Saik Road, S(089109)

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