Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

So I’m another year older. Well, I really feel old now. The colleagues brought me to Cut, for my early birthday celebration and I was really excited to try Cut. The place was dimly lit, which probably tried to bring a romantic feel to the dining experience but really, it’s too dim in my opinion. You can’t take a proper photo without having enough light around.

It’s nice place still

Complimentary Cheese Buns

I didn’t like this. I felt it was too cheesy and oily

Complimentary Free Bread

You can have as many as you like, since we have to wait quite abit for the steaks to arrive and most went for the German bread and French Onion Bread

Sauces for the main but we all know, steaks taste the best as it originally is

Tempura Onion Rings

The onion rings were sweet, crispy and deep fried very thinly, which were lovely to munch on

French Fries w Herbs

Fries and steaks can never go wrong, but I prefer the onion rings 😀

Sauteed Broccolini, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Garlic & Chili

We had another plate of mushrooms but it was all gone before I could even take a photo of it. haha. The mushrooms were good though!

U.S.D.A. Prime, Illinois Corn Fed, Aged 21 Days

Filet Mignon, 225g

Medium Rare

The meat was tender, juicy and very goooood. Every bite of it was just bliss

My complimentary birthday dessert

which was coconut ice-cream and passionfruit sorbet

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle, Creme Fraiche Cream, Gianduja Chcolate Gelato

The souffle was fluffy, light and very chocolatey

If you like chocolate, you will like this

Kaya “Baked Alaska”, Coconut Cake, Pandan Icecream, Coconut Sorbet & Coffee Crumble

I insisted on ordering this dessert cos it was something different. It’s a very Singaporean dessert I must say. The meringue has taste of coconut and as you slice through the meringue, the pandan ice-cream sit on the coconut cake. It’s lovely but very sweet. But I really enjoyed this

Complimentary Petit Desserts

The petit desserts were way too sweet though. So sweet I cringe every bite I chew

Cut is proclaimed as one of the best steakhouses in Singapore and is the brainchild of one of the best masterchef and restauranteur, Wolfgang Puck. I believed there is a certain standard to the quality of the meat and I must say the service here is friendly and attentive. The food was pretty good but whether it’s worth it or not, I will leave you to decide.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck

2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,

Marina Bay Sands


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