Kuala Lumpur: Restoran Yu Ai

I blogged about Restoran Yu Ai before. The last time I went KL, I was in awe of the place’s awesome fish cakes and so we made it a point to visit it again this time round. We reached when the place just opened so it’s good to avoid the lunch time crowd since it is located in the industrial area.

Even though it is a proper shop, this is really a typical “street food” kind of setting. The guy deep fried the tofu and fish cake in the “deep fried” station. And in a corner behind him, another one separate the mussels and cockles. They part timed as servers when the crowd became massive. And so we witnessed they never really wash their hands (ohmygod). I really don’t wanna know what else they do with their hands. *Gulp

Fish Cakes

The fish cakes that brought us all the way back here

Fried Tofu

The tofu was pretty normal actually

Curry Noodles

I like how the curry soup wasn’t too thick and you don’t feel sick after eating it

Fish Soup Noodles

We decided to give their fish soup noodles a try cos it looks good. The broth has the taste of the salted vegetables which was appetising and sweet

Lunch for 2, excluding 2 desserts not in the photo

The lady boss was so impressed with us cos we finished everything. haha She was in doubt when we ordered 3 fish cakes initially but you can really tell how impressed with us after we finish the whole meal

I think this place is worth visiting though.. it is a little out of the way and it’s not exactly clean. Just close your eyes, eat, and don’t think so much =/

Restoran Yu Ai

42J Jalan Segambut Utara, Taman Segambut

51200 Kuala Lumpur

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