493. Spring Court Restaurant

The month of March and April this year is like 2 months of consecutive eating. Travelling, back to back 8 course meals, celebrations – oh gosh, my poor tummy. haha. We had our grandma’s 90th birthday at Spring Court Restaurant which was a very loud affair. Well, the family is pretty big. Loud might be an understatement actually.

Lotus Buns

They call it 寿桃 in Mandarin, a must-have for birthday celebrations. Didn’t eat them cos I think buns make your stomach full easily

Cold Cut Platter

The usual cold cut platter you see at most weddings. Pretty decent, nothing memorable

Shark’s Fin w Crab Meat

A very well-cooked shark’s fin soup immersed with the sweetness of the crab meat

Suckling Pig

The standard dropped. The previous time when I went was much better

Deep Fried Soon Hock

Best dish ever. Fish is fresh and sweet and you can hear the crunch and the crispiness when you slice the fish

Yam Ring w Prawns

The prawns were a little sour though, and not a fan of yam

Dong Jiang Steamed Chicken

It seemingly looked like our chicken rice kind of steamed chicken. Tender, sweet and juicy

Steamed Live Prawns

The prawns were good. Sweet and fresh. They will probably be my 2nd favourite dish of the night

Noodles w Shredded Chicken and Prawns

I think there are more noodles than chicken or prawns…

Water Chestnut Paste w Rock Sugar

The desserts took forever to come. The paste was very gooey and sweet. If you like it, you will love it. If you don’t like it, you will find this very hard to swallow

Spring Court serves decent Chinese fare, and is a good location for celebrations or events cos they have private rooms and their private rooms have ktv as well though the songs might not be very up to date. And I would think it’s pretty convenient as well

Happy birthday Grandma!!


You might think she’s the star of the night..

But nope, this little cutie stole the limelight. The latest addition to the family 🙂

Spring Court Restaurant

52-56 Upper Cross St, S(058348)

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