494. Portico Singapore

Met up with the ex-bridesmaids for a catch-up session, pretty rare huh, for bridesmaids to keep in touch even after the wedding has already ended. So we went to Portico cos I have always wanted to give this place a try. The place is near Labrador Park mrt and is just a short walk away. They have both indoor and alfresco but I think they have pretty limited indoor space and the alfresco gets really dark when night falls.

Live band was on when we were there

Truffle Fries w Truffle Dip

We got the ‘commoner’ truffle fries and regretted not getting the $45 truffle fries worth of 800g shaved truffle. It was a very very big bowl of fries. That aside, the fries were good and we love it

Fish Fritters

It was interesting. They had a layer of banana covering the fish meat, so it felt like goreng pisang

Salt & Pepper Squid w Roasted Garlic Aioli

Lightly marinated and pretty normal. Can give this a miss

Portico’s Chicken Wings

We ordered the 10 pieces, and we got a shock. They were piping hot and crispy, I got a sore throat immediately the next day. The wings were very local, and especially when paired with the chicken rice chilli sauce. It was delicious

Braised Beef Cheeks

Flavourful and beautiful

Classic Fish & Chips

It was.. disappointing. I had expected more but it fell flat

Confit of Chicken w Potato Puree

The confit of chicken was decent. It was a very normal confit of chicken with crispy skin and tender chicken meat

Wild Mushroom Risotto

The rice had the right texture and they were infused with the strong mushroom flavours. A pretty good bowl of risotto

Chef’s Dessert Platter

I really had a surprise when I came back to the table. It was a very pleasant surprise 😉

Cronut and S’mores

Deconstructed Blackforest

I think everyone’s favourite will be the deconstructed blackforest. I like it how they leverage a very normal blackforest dessert into something so innovative and classy

I think Portico uses a mix of flavours and ingredients to create surprising dishes. If you don’t find it out of the way, give it a try. It’s pretty decent and reasonable

Portico Singapore

#01-01 991B Alexandra Rd

Singapore 119970

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