485. Sunday Folks

Very happy I finally got a chance to try Sunday Folks after a very long time. This place is started by the owners of Creamier but the ice cream served here comes in form of soft serve, as compared to the premium ice cream and sorbet at Creamier. Space is bigger, and they now having a queuing system where you key in your number and await your handphone to ring when it’s your turn

The place is still as crowded, always

Soft serve hidden behind the cabinet

Fresh bakes and toppings for your ice cream

Our waffle with earl grey lavender ice cream and toasted marshmallow and chocolate honeycomb 🙂

So damn awesome, like really really. haha

Lemon Lavender Cake

The greedy us could not resist a slice of cake. The cake was moist, warm and very delicious. It had the right balance of lemon and lavender which was a delight to savour

Our table shot, with Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha  & Latte

I like the roast of the coffee here. It was medium bodied, nutty and a little acidic with a strong aroma. The iced chocolate and mocha was pretty good as well but of course, the one that stood out was the waffles with ice-cream 🙂

Cravings satisfied, I can now die a happy girl. ha #easilysatisfied

Sunday Folks

Chip Bee Gardens #01-52

44 Jalan Merah Saga S(278116)

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