My Chinese New Year

So this is how I spent my Chinese New Year, in snippets

Reunion dinner with the family. All home cooked goodness, okay other than the shark’s fin 😉

Mummy’s version of Pen Cai 😀

Though I think the previous year was nicer. hahaha (I know I’m bad, still complain lol)

The whole point of reunion dinner is for your whole family to sit and have a dinner together while welcoming the new year so honestly, no matter what you eat, is the the significance of having a dinner together that is important

Reunion at Grandma’s

It’s the only steamboat I had this year

Day 1 ootd: Romper from Miss Selfridge. I really like the cut of this romper, so flattering 🙂

But I love my Madame Flamingo shoes more, lovingly brought back from Bangkok 🙂

Well, cos there’s only so much you can do at house visiting. heh

Lunch, a yearly tradition or rather, what I grew up eating. I love cabbage & fishball soup, but what I love even more is my grandma’s home made ngoh hang. Super super delicious. These 2 staples, plus satay chicken makes its grand appearance every Chinese New Year

Day 2: Visiing at my aunt’s

Day 2 ootd: Top & Shorts from Miss Selfridge

Lunch is served! All lovingly prepared by the Aunt!

My first lou hei of the year, which was a mess. They lou until everything flew in all directions, onto my hair and clothes. I’m pretty sure they just wasted the entire plate. Terrible

The real deal. This pen cai has so much goodness in it

Day 3

By day 3, I was so sick of eating all the sea cucumber, abalone and sharks fin I needed some ang moh food. So had lunch at P.S. cafe with mummy

Day 4

Lunch at Artichoke Cafe. Just some bonding time with my girls. Will review them soon!

Day 5

Back to work; with oranges, angbao & a fortune cookie!

Day 6

Just cos I needed something healthy, and it’s back to Nude Seafood, which really serves some delicious meals!

Day 7; 人日

Some more lou hei


And sushi lunch from The Standing Sushi Bar (yeah plus wine)

That’s my summary of Chinese New Year

Hope you had a good one too! 😉

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