486. Artichoke Cafe

Met up with the girls over brunch cos the friend wanted to try Artichoke so here we are! We didn’t make reservation so we waited a bit under the not-so-cooling-weather anymore. Plus we insisted on sitting indoors.

This place has character. One sign that caught our eye was ‘We are not a western restaurant. So we don’t serve egg benedicts, pancakes and waffles.’ We just laugh. Maybe people has been asking them for the usuals they got sick of repeating. And also, they don’t do latte art for their coffee

Smoked Salmon Pancake

Jim Bean Sour Cream and Wasabi Pea Dukka w Egg Mayo, Shaved Onions & Orange Blossom Honey

We actually had pretty high expectations for this, but this was pretty disappointing. It was a very normal smoked salmon + egg mayo on a not very awesome pancake

House-made Feta Burrata

Everyone should give this a try. It was so good. The cream cheese was lightly salted and has such consistency. Topped with tomato salad on Turkish toast, we simply wiped off everything

Bacon & Eggs

Thick Cut Maple Glazed Pork Chop w Roasted Pumpkin & Sunny Side Up

Not a fan of bacon, especially thick cut. Pumpkin was nicely cooked and the egg was.. just egg

Scrambled Eggs & Harissa Sausages

I love the spicy Moroccan chicken sausages that gave us a kick with their spices. Scrambled eggs was not to my liking but I do enjoy the herb tabbouleh with lime yoghurt for something different

Brunch on the table

Artichoke cafe is not your usual cafe. Their cuisine largely revolves around middle eastern flavours, which I think it’s something different from your usual brunch options. Food that day has its hits and misses but I would still love to go back to try their other stuffs one day

Artichoke Cafe

161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, S(188978)

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