The Sister’s Wedding

My first wedding of the year, but this also marks the many many weddings I have this year. It was an early early morning. Though tired, I can’t help feel excited since I’m a sister for the first time. But by 10am, all of us were half dead. haha. Helping in a wedding is seriously no joke.



Purpose of this is to ensure the bride marries into a wealthy family and guaranteed a happy and carefree life though I’m very sure this box will just go into the safe after the wedding

Veiling the bride

And then we wait for the groom to arrive. The gatecrash was short, and.. strange to a certain extent

Exchanging their vows

The cousins 🙂

Poor groom..

The dinner was held at The Orchard hotel. Food was surprisingly not bad. And I was pretty amused by the appetiser show. The chef actually ran to the front, did a dance and make everyone clap their hands along. Then he ran to the back, and ran to the front with the server again. Hmmm

There’s a many first time at this wedding. One, first time seated at the ‘Red Table’

Marinated Baby Octopus, Marinated Jellyfish, Braised Duck, Deep Fried Yam Roll & Water Chestnut w Chicken Roll

The cold platter was decent but nothing outstanding

Shark’s Fin w Fish Belly, Compoy & Golden Mushroom

Soup was actually pretty good and flavourful

Sautéed Prawns, Macadamia Nuts and Broccoli

My favourite part of this dish is actually the nuts. They are so addictive!

Steamed Soon Hock, Hong Kong style

Crispy Roasted Chicken

The chicken was actually pretty forgettable. I realised I missed out a photo of the abalone. haha but it’s okay, nothing lost here

Flower Bun w Chilli Crabmeat Sauce

The bun was too oily, and the sauce was too diluted. This was probably the worst out of all

Red Bean Paste w Tang Yuan

The glutinous rice balls were soft and chewy. I’m glad they didn’t choose yam paste for dessert. hee 😀

I stayed over at the hotel cos I have to reach office pretty early the next day, which also means I get to try their buffet breakfast. I have to add that, the breakfast was really bad and the shower tap in the room was spoilt. I think the only consolation I had here was the banquet food didn’t turn out as bad as I expected

Okay, one down. Eight more weddings to come =X

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