484. Cravings Cafe

This cafe is so new, you probably can’t find much about it online. I’m glad there are more cafes popping up near my place so I can now cycle and have my cravings satisfied whenever I feel like it. Cravings cafe is located at where Whisk & Paddle is, but this dessert place is near the prawn fishing area. It only opens at 4pm which I thought it was a pity they should open earlier during weekends

Selection is pretty limited probably cos they are still new. Their cakes are pretty interesting. They all revolve around cheesecake. Paddle pop cheesecake, durian cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, yuzu cheesecake

Durian Cheesecake

Cos I only had stomach space for one cheesecake, I really wanted to try their durian one. The cakes are made lovingly by the owner which explains the limited quantity. I love how light the durian cheesecake it. You actually taste more of the D24 than the cheese itself so for those who think this will turn out strange, it is actually a surprise

Waffle w Matcha & Red Bean Icecream and Apple Pie Icecream

Fluffy, crispy waffles drizzled with so much chocolate sauce. The ice-cream was really good. I enjoyed the matcha one more cos it’s more gao. You can really taste the strong flavourful matcha with the sweet redbeans. The apple pie was good too. It had bits of apple in it but I think the matcha one was so contrasting you might feel that the apple pie ice-cream was too light

I might give the paddle pop cheesecake a try next time. Since it must be so popular it was only left with one piece. And now when you are looking for waffles with punggol, you know where to go!

Cravings Cafe

6 Tebing Lane, S(828835)

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