483. White Restaurant @ Punggol Settlement

I have never heard of Sembawang White Beehoon until I been to this place. Call me suaku. Ha. It’s like how people go to Jalan Kayu for prata and Katong for laksa so apparently that’s what Sembawang is famous for. I’m glad they opened a second outlet at Punggol so I can finally try what’s so special about this white beehoon that have people queuing up to 45 minutes for them. They even named the restaurant White, just cos that’s really what their signature dish is all about

The restaurant occupies the far end of Punggol settlement. I’m glad we went very early so there wasn’t any queue and food comes out at astonishingly fast speed

The restaurant, or many many restaurants at Punggol settlement overlook the sea, which is a very chillax place to hang out or just enjoying the evening breeze

Deep Fried Prawn Rolls

The prawn rolls have a nice thin layer of crispiness though I think the rolls are a little light on the flavour

Prawn Omelette

The omelette here is a little different here cos it’s wetter and have a slight scrambled taste to it. Though I would appreciate it better if the proportion and size of prawns are bigger as well

Spicy Potato Leaves

Hot Plate Deer Meat w Spring Onions and Ginger

I really enjoy this plate of deer meat. The meat was tender and infused with the fragrance of the spring onions

Signature White Beehoon (Medium Size)

So here comes the signature beehoon! It feels like muifan but the noodles version. I half expected it to taste like hokkien mee (w the wok hei taste), but it didn’t too. This beehoon has a taste of its own. The noodles kept its consistency despite being soaked in the light and eggy gravy. To top it off, pairing with their special chilli sauce was really delicious. I feel like going back to have another plate of this beehoon now. And spying the next table, their fried rice looks pretty good too. haha

I’m already thinking of what to order next. How does sambal lala, salted egg crayfish and eight treasures duck sound?

White Restaurant 白

The Punggol Settlement
3 Punggol Point Road
Singapore 828694

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