482. Tomi Sushi @ Novena

Tomi Sushi is probably one place that serves decent sushi at an affordable price. And the quality of its nigiri sushi beats many sushi chain restaurant in Singapore. But of course, you cannot compare to those high end places like.. Shinji. It’s like comparing a prawn and a lobster. We patronised the outlet at Novena Square cos Katong is just too inaccessible for me =x

They have both counter seats and normal seating so you can choose to seat at either place. We chose the counter cos the friend was late so he asked me to stare the chef while waiting =.=

They have separate sauce for sushi and sashimi. The difference was that the sashimi sauce was much lighter probably cos they didn’t want to overpower the natural sweetness of the sashimi


The sushi rice was actually pretty good. Though it lacks in temperature, but the softness of the rice and vinegar was almost there and of course not forgetting the freshness of the sashimi

Sashimi Moriawase for 2 pax

The salmon sashimi was a little strange. It felt like the cut was not sliced right and you can taste the hair of the fish but the prawns and scallops were very sweet

I have to say for the price you paying at Tomi, you are actually enjoying pretty decent nigiri sushi. Would love to try their chirashi and sushi set next time. So for those who are looking for a not too expensive place for sushi, maybe you can give Tomi a try

Apparently, the Katong outlet is better. Perhaps one day, I might just make a trip down just to compare. Okay lemme think about it first. haha

Tomi Sushi

238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77

Novena Square Shopping Mall, S307683

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