481. Froth Cafe (Moved)

The bridesmaids had a meetup to discuss about the wedding details, so we needed some place where we can sit for some time without being chased away. Read about the opening of Froth and the menu looks seemingly interesting so we decided to dine there to try. The cafe is located at Big hotel, just down the stairs when you enter the hotel. It’s big enough though maybe sometimes gathering the attention of the service crew might be a little difficult. So half the time we walked to the counter and helped ourselves but most of the time we were asked to go back to our tables and they will bring it to us. haha oh wells, we wanted to help!

Flat White

The coffee was light, and easily forgettable

Ice Mocha

The iced mocha on the other hand fares much better, bitter with a deep chocolate taste that goes down your throat

Ice Lemon Tea

Nothing special, a decent iced tea

Bacon Chowder

Interesting they put in so much effort for their plating. Plus point. The soup was creamy and heavily laced with the taste of bacon and the mix with the yolk gave the dish a hearty taste

Spam Fries w Truffle Mayo & Wasabi Mayo

Each piece evenly deep fried, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

Doritos Crust Winglets

Oh these wings, such a delight. What makes it better was.. they were boneless! Marinated with a delectable spice, they were unstoppable

Cheesy Lobster Sandwich w Truffle Fries

I have to give credit to the lobsters. They were good. The bread was normal and the truffle fries were disappointing

Banana Waffles w Earl Grey Icecream

We had originally just wanted the taro waffles to go with earl grey icecream and the boss said it was not good combination. So he suggested banana waffles with earl grey instead. So glad we took his advice haha. The waffles had bits of bananas in between and the earl grey ice-cream had a strong earl grey flavour to it which was really delicious

Taro Waffles w Salted Caramel Icecream

So we took the boss’s advice and paired taro with salted caramel. Best combination ever. The waffles were so good the friends stood up eating them. hahaha

I wouldn’t mind going back just for the waffles. They are really worth coming back. Though I read some reviews about the cafe being disappointing, but I think luck was on my side when I visited. The food was pretty decent and I think it’s a nice cafe to relax in the area

Froth Cafe

200 Middle Road B1-02

Big Hotel S(188980)

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