WJ’s Hens Night @ Cookyn Inc.

My first hens night of the year to kickstart the many many weddings I’m gonna have this year. The thing with hens party is there is only a limited things you can do so we were cracking our brains for this dear friend of ours. The bride-to-be wanted something tame and just a cosy get together session so we decided to hold the party at Cookyn Inc. Cookyn Inc is an event venue located at Hometeam NS JOM where they hold a various of events or themed parties. It is pretty fuss free cos you just have to tell them what kind of party you are looking at and they will just handle everything from there

The set up that greeted us!

The package includes the usage of a fully-equipped kitchen, a facilitator and a professional in-house photographer, and of course all the ingredients you will require. The cook off contains a 3 course menu which you can choose which cuisine you want and based on their recommendation, we took the Spanish menu which includes Baked King Salmon as appetiser, Seafood Paella as mains and Churros as desserts!

The bride-to-be is ready to cook for us! hee

We also get to make some cookies with the dough already pre-set for us. Actually, we bullied the bride-to-be to make for us while…

We just watch on. HA. Hey, eye power is important too 😉

Just kidding, we all chipped in

And it’s all in the oven for now

Prepping for our paella now

First you butter the pan

Then you stir fry the chicken until it’s all cooked

And then add in the pepsicum, tomatoes, onions and garlic until fragrant

And you add the chicken stock, white wine and rice

And then you add in all the ingredients and spread them as even as possible

And you just cover the pot and simmer

So while waiting for our paella to be ready, we moved on to our appetiser. Ingredients for this dish are basically what you see here

 You just combine the salmon and the ingredients, wrap them up and send it into the oven

Preparing the churros dough next


All kinds of shape

And 2 hours of hard work later..

The seafood paella was absolutely delicious. The friends say it’s even better than Pasarbella’s haha

Yay, our cookies are done too!

We customised a set of cupcakes for the bride-to-be too. These pretty and delicious cupcakes are from Outofthecakebox. They sell cakes, tarts and pastries too

So pretty these cupcakes 🙂

Cos only the bride-to-be gets to keep her apron, we decided to make it special for her

Hehe glad you like it!

And a picture of everyone 🙂

I’m glad everyone had fun that day. I really enjoyed the session being hosted by Cookyn Inc. for being simple yet heartwarming. And I’m glad it is a good alternative to other hen’s party ideas. So for those who are planning a hens night for your dear friend, maybe you would like to consider this idea as well


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