Memories from my trusty iPhone!

First Chirashi for this week featuring Sashimi Rice Bowl from Koji Sushi Bar. Have previously reviewed this but now adding this picture to my chirashi collection

A very vibrant bowl of chirashi that didn’t meet my standards. Some of the sashimi was fishy and the tempura bits didn’t actually provide any value to the rice bowl

Chirashi Don from Chotto Matte

Fresh, sweet slices of sashimi but at $48 per bowl, I personally thought it was expensive if you compared to the likes of Wasabi Tei or Aoki

Lunch at Fullerton Hotel for meetings

Caesar Salad w Smoked Chicken Breast

Salmon w Risotto


I have to say, I was pretty surprised by the food. The last time I ate here, it was totally horrible. And portion-wise was pretty substantial as well. I hope they keep their standards up! #onlyperkofmyjob

Lunch for 2 at Lam’s Abalone Noodle. Cos the ever growing kid refused to share his food with me. haha this was a bloody mistake. We were so full after that. #ohmygosh

The team’s favourite lunch place. Chicken Tenders w Fries & Corn @ Chilli’s. I have to admit, they are so sinfully delicious. Crispy and tender and drizzled with the delicious bbq sauce

I still think about the Wagyu Don from Sushi Jin from time to time. The taste of the truffle oil with the runny yolk on the beef was just the best combination ever

A cup of hot chocolate for the soul #fatcaticecreambar

Get together dinner at Z’s place. This was food for 6 pax, and not forgetting 2 bottles of wine

Brunch at Whisk & Paddle. Good brunch place just that a little inaccessible

Resting our tired feet at P.S. cafe after one full day of shopping. A gigantic portion of truffle fries + an iced longan tea. #lifesimplepleasures

Desserts after lunch at Delicius Pasticceria, located at Lau Pa Sat. I still think it’s quite an odd option to be located at LPS. The desserts are good, don’t be mistaken. Just that I believed desserts and tea are supposed to be enjoyed leisurely, and I honestly don’t think LPS is the best place for that

Matcha Latte

I like how the latte is smooth and has a full aroma of matcha. You can tell it is not powder grated for it doesn’t have any taste of residue in it

Matcha Cream Cheese

It was pretty interesting to see a combination of matcha and cream cheese, so we decided to order one to try. The cream cheese was smooth, light and creamy but yet doesn’t overwhelm the thin layer of matcha on the top

Strawberry Fruit Tart

I prefer the tart more than the cream cheese. Though for some strange reason, the strawberries and the filling kept falling whenever we cut the tart. It felt like the tart couldn’t stay together

They have some pretty decent desserts in here, which I think it’s worth giving it a try

The office’s latest obsession. Actually obsession might be an understatement. They can eat this for lunch and dinner everyday. Nude Seafood @ MBFC T3 serves some wicked seafood dishes which you will easily fall in love with. And the best part? Coffee is from Common Man Coffee Roasters 🙂

Miso Cod w Barley Risotto

The barley risotto is a delight to feast on

Hickory Smoked Salmon w Forgotten Grains

First time eating forgotten grains. Never knew what they are until Nude Seafood came along. Well, they are pretty interesting in texture and taste. I think it’s either you like it, or don’t like it. Salmon was cooked well, with the glistening oil in view when you slice the salmon into half

I believe this place will last long. haha

Milkssimo, a new ice cream place at Nex serving Hokkaido gelato

They have all sorts of interesting flavour

And I got myself a Pistachio one, which I have to say. I didn’t like it at all. It was too milky for my liking and at $5.90 per scoop, it’s damn expensive too

Desserts at Sunday Market. I have to say the ice-cream here wins Milksimmo hands down, and it’s much cheaper too =/

Caught up with a friend before she goes on her 101-days trip around the world. Okay maybe not, one-third the world? Anyway I digress, dinner at House of Seafood cos she found vouchers where we only spent $66 for four crabs. And we really only had crabs, and just crabs for dinner

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs

The salted egg yolk crabs here is actually pretty good. But I think the crabs can be fresher

And the famous Black Pepper Crabs

Well, I personally prefer No Signboard’s version. I don’t like the ones here for they are too thick, and too rich

3 pax, 4 crabs. We were so full =X

Have fun friend! Can’t wait to hear all your stories. Be safe!! 🙂

Caught Tanya Chua at Esplanade. I can only say.. this company does event in style. haha

Times when you just wanna lie on a big fluffy bed and not do anything else #letsnotworkshallwe

Ootd; Laser cut dress from Asos. I like how simple the dress is for an effortless look

Trying to create an editorial look. haha okay lah, pass right?

Featuring my leather jacket from Zara

Ootd; Asymmetrical Dress from Warehouse

Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing

I think having a heart that is attached to nothing is important as well. Only when you let go of attachments, then can better things come into your life #wordsofwisdom

Cupcakes from Outofthecakebox. So beautifully crafted for our beloved friend’s hens party. Can’t express how much we love these cupcakes

A cohesive effort by the bride and the bridesmaid to cook dinner together. Featuring.. Seafood paella! Apparently they think our paella is better than Pasarbella’s hahaha oops

And the chefs behind the cookout 🙂

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