480. Sacha & Sons

Sacha & Sons is a New York style deli that serves delicious bagels and eggs in the heart of Orchard road. The same owners behind Wild Honey, Sacha & Sons has now taken over their premises while Wild Honey moved to the space beside them. I think the menu is a little special for we are not familiar with some of the terms. We spent the first half an hour googling what’s this and that and how the food looks like before deciding what to order. lol

The place is packed, with locals and foreigners. You do the ordering at the cashier and they serve it to you afterwards. Service was quick and prompt and you can see the bosses taking care of their customers too

Flat White

Hot Chocolate w Marshmellow

Toasted Bagel, Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & Caramelized Onions

I really miss the bagels I’ve had in New York. So imagine my joy when I found a place I can patronise if I had a craving for them now.The bagels here are toasted so when you bite, it’s warm and crispy. Spread it with the sour cream and the added fragrance from the sesame was just perfect. The portion of the eggs was pretty big. Salmon had a little fishy taste but I like the overall combination with the onions

Latkes, Pastrami & Hollandaise Sauce

Latkes, or known as potato pancakes might seem a little bit like rosti. But the latkes here are absolutely stunning. The pastrami was seasoned well and you can taste the sweetness of the meal along with the hollandaise sauce

Latkes, Smoked Salmon w Creme Fraiche

I think the potato pancakes here are crispier and more flavourful, and a little more burnt but the whole company really enjoy them much

Toasted Bagel, Scrambled Eggs w Pastrami

A option for those who prefer meat in their eggs

Toasted Bagel, Scrambled Eggs w Sturgeon, Smoked Salmon & Caramelized Onions

A full plate of eggs and fish

Half & Half

Meatball Soup w Classic Pastrami

Soup was light and sweet. A good option for those who are looking for something light for a meal

And the pastrami sandwich to complement the soup

The feast 🙂 And you can tell which dish is the most popular. ha

I think Sacha & Sons is worth coming back, for its service is warm and the food, sincere. And the best thing is they accept reservation. For those who miss New York, it is definitely a place worth coming to reminisce over a slice of toasted bagel or a cup of warm latte

Sacha & Sons

333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery

#03-02, S(238897)

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