479. Pong Gelato @ *Scape

We actually had a hard time finding Pong. haha we went up and down *Scape and finally found it hidden at the clusters of the eateries. Menu was easy to choose from so we went with the famous Coconut Gelato and Mango Sorbet and the choice of 3 toppings to go along with your ice-cream. It comes with a cup of complimentary coconut juice as well, which was well.. sweet?

The toppings here might not be as extensive as the ones you seen in Thailand, but I think they are sufficient enough

Comparing the ones I had in Bangkok, I think they are actually pretty similar in terms of presentation complete with a husk and sweet coconut meat

I have to admit, the coconut gelato here is really delicious. It had a rich coconut taste which was smooth and sweet. The mango sorbet was very good too. It didn’t fall behind in terms of taste and texture

Now I can say, you don’t have to go all the way to Chatuchak just to have the famous coconut icecream. At times when you miss Bangkok, give Pong a try. Though yes, the ones at Chatuchak cost only 35THB while the ones here sell it for $5.50 but sometimes when cravings kick in, you just have to get them satisfied right? 🙂

Pong Gelato

*Scape, 2 Orchard Link #02-18C Singapore 237978

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