478. Whisk & Paddle

It was a hot, hot day and getting to Whisk & Paddle was a headache. Thankfully I had a straight bus there but you still have to walk a distance from the nearest bus stop. The place wasn’t crowded, probably cos it’s one of the most inaccessible ever and the weather was very hot. And honestly if you don’t drive or if you are not working out in the park behind, you will probably think twice about coming all the way down here to eat.

A nice view overlooking the waterfront

Kids section, and you can bring your dogs here as well

Ice Chocolate

A cooling drink for a hot morning

Flat White

They used Arabica beans, which gave a bitter aftertaste which I don’t like

Waffles w Bacon and Scrambled Eggs

The waffles were pretty good. Fluffy and crispy and had the right sweetness in it. Eggs were a little milky with lots of pepper and the bacon was a little dry. And it was surprisingly filling

Egg Benedicts w Honey Baked Ham

Well they used the same waffles. It was interesting this place don’t use muffins. The eggs were poached perfectly though the hollandaise sauce was too buttery in my opinion

Brunch 🙂

Strawberry Rose Tart

I love this shot of mine 😀 I think the tart was quite good. Actually all their desserts look quite good. For this strawberry rose tart, you can taste the essence of rose in the cream, complete with a rose macaron and sweet strawberries.

I think the food here is quite decently priced. It would be nice if the weather was better, sitting by the park, leisurely enjoying what the day brings. Though I think the menu for brunch is quite limited, maybe you can come and try their lunch or dinner

Whisk & Paddle

10 Tebing Lane, #01-01 S(828836)

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